Changes are coming to LEGO VIP discount rewards

Changes coming to redeeming discounts on the LEGO VIP rewards centre look set to make the process easier and quicker to use.

As reported by The Brick Fan, a message is now visible in the Hungarian LEGO VIP rewards centre, revealing that changes are coming to the way you currently select discounts.

At the time of writing in most regions, redeeming your VIP points towards money off a future purchase first requires you to select a set amount to redeem either online or in-store. However, the message is currently live in the VIP rewards Centre in Hungary reveals that this will no longer be the case in the future.

LEGO VIP Points Redeem 2
Image: The Brick Fan

According to the message, the change will make it so that you don’t have to choose between online or in-store discounts, though you will have to redeem them before you make an order so some planning will still be required.

This message is currently visible in the Hungarian VIP rewards centre. However, it is reported that this will come to Australia, New Zealand, and Japan next.

Those not wishing to use their points towards a discount can still put them towards exclusive rewards, such as some upcoming items for the 90th anniversary.

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