Chest Buster comes to

Hot on the heals of the Walking Dead and Breaking Bad minifigures is the second reversible Minifigure this time from the iconic Alien film. The team at have got a brand new Minifigure, unlike anything you’ve seen before. He’s simply ‘bursting’ with awesome details… and a lot of gory detail but that’s what makes him awesome! Kane from the Alien films was part of the franchises most iconic scene. The chest burst scene is one of coolest and yet hardest to watch moments in the entire film, so naturally they had to have a Minifigure version of it and that’s exactly what they’ve done!

He joins Collateral Carl as a reversible Minifigure. He features two different torso designs and two different heads which can easily be swapped around. Meaning you get two figures in one, so that you can act out a before and after scene. Pretty awesome right?

Want one then head over and grab one now for £12.95



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