Collateral Carl Custom Minifigure review

How do you make the best minifigure ever? Well you do something not even LEGO have thought of and make the world’s first reversible minifigure! I’m not joking –  for me, Carl is my favourite minifigure ever! I’m not usually a fan of war-themed minifigures but when he arrived, I soon grew to appreciate how good this minifigure is. I, for one, can’t wait to see what the next one in the line will be! Read my review below to find out why it’s such an awesome minifigure.

Official Description
In every battle there are winners and losers… and then there’s Collateral Carl! With two left feet there wasn’t a landmine Carl couldn’t inadvertently discover. Such a ‘talent’ wasn’t going to go to waste, so Colonel Kraus immediately sent him to the front of the battalion to run point and, well, the rest is history. It’s two figures in one!

The minifigure comes in a blister pack, while a pain to get in, they have a level of quality to them you don’t usually find on the custom market and helps stand out from the crowd. The blister pack comes with a cardboard insert, the insert really helps sell the minifigure and shows both versions of Carl. The back has the product blurb and more images.

Carl comes with not one but two accesories in the form of a pistol and crutch. Carl is basically 2 minifigures in one and priced at £17.95 he isn’t cheap but works out you are getting two minifigures for around £9 each. Carl comes with a helmet based on the German WW2 army helmet. His head is double sided, he has his war snarl with unshaven look that goes with his army uniform, the printing of the uniform is highly detailed flowing from torso to legs. The unform has a collar with shading to give depth to the look, utility belt and pockets. The gray uniform then flows on to the legs and meets his black boots that go halfway up his legs, the printing of boots goes all the way round which is an excellent touch. Did I forget to mention both arms have printing on as well just to add to the detail


Then you switch his head and torso round and take his left arm off and you have wounded Carl. You replace the pistol for the crutch and wham you have a second minifigure. His face comes with bandage over his eys with blood soaking through. His uniform is the same as the other side but is blood splattered and on the left you can see where is arm has been blown off, whenre is arm was is more printing with blood and gore and the printing even goes into the arm socket just to be the first company to do this. The blood also goes down the side of his leg. The detailing on wounded Carl is some of the best I’ve seen.

If you are wanting to create a highly detailed war scene with wounded soldiers then Carl is ideal and as I said I’ve yet to see a minifigure this highly detailed and having printing in places we don’t normally see, makes Carl the current No.1 on the custom market in my view.

Carl can be purchased today from


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  • 26/11/2015 at 18:15

    Easily one of my favourite custom minifigures in my collection


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