Combining LEGO Star Wars 75217 Imperial Conveyex Transport and 75219 Imperial AT-Hauler

New LEGO Star Wars sets 75217 Imperial Conveyex Transport and 75219 Imperial AT-Hauler can be combined to recreate the epic heist sequence seen in Solo: A Star Wars Story

In Solo: A Star Wars Story, one of the most thrilling scenes sees Han Solo and Chewbacca attempt to escape the harsh snow planet with a valuable batch of coaxium. In order to steal the precious cargo, they execute Beckett’s plan by capturing a section of the transport with an Imperial hauler.

Over the years, the LEGO Group has created certain pairs, or even themes of sets which are intended to interact. Most commonly, this has entailed a common aesthetic where they are simply designed to all build a common world. Other times, certain sets are designed to integrate with each other in a very specific way. When done well, this is a fantastic feature which adds incredible value to both products. Pairing 75217 Imperial Conveyex Transport and 75219 Imperial AT-Hauler from the Solo line is such a combination.

Those who have seen the film will remember the sequence in which Tobias Beckett’s crew, including Han and Chewbacca, rob what amounts to an industrial train. Using a stolen cargo ship, the Imperial AT-Hauler, they detach one of the train cars and use the ship’s hauling arms to fly it away. The Imperial AT-Hauler is essentially the equivalent of a cargo crane and the train car a sea box or cargo container. The LEGO Group has produced both of these vehicles as separate sets, but maintained that hauling ability between them.

On the underside of the train car interior included with 75217 Imperial Conveyex Transport are some Technic plates that present a couple of holes. In the absence of 75219 Imperial AT-Hauler these holes do not make a lot of sense. However, with both their purpose becomes very clear. They line up perfectly with the small pegs which are used to pick up the cargo container that comes with 75219, allowing the Hauler to lift the train car right off of the ground. It is both surprisingly sturdy but also easy to engage and disengage the mechanism.

This feature adds a lot of additional value to both of these sets in terms of play and display. The connection is fairly secure and will keep a nice grip for all but the most vigorous swooshing. If you get one of these sets, Brick Fanatics highly recommends that you go ahead and get both.

These products were provided for this feature by the LEGO Group.

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