Comparing the size of the new LEGO Star Wars Republic Fighter Tank

Curious how the newly-discovered LEGO Star Wars 75342 Republic Fighter Tank compares in size to the first two versions? Here’s your answer…

From an accidental reveal through to turning up on store shelves unannounced, it’s been a pretty wild ride for the newest LEGO Star Wars set. The product page for 75342 Republic Fighter Tank still isn’t live, which means we don’t have a firm grasp on its release date or price – but we do know pretty much everything else about it, thanks in part to a new speed build video.

That includes exactly how this third iteration of the tank comes together, which has allowed Instagram user legorogue to mock it up using digital building software – and subsequently compare it to both previous versions of the set in 7679 Republic Fighter Tank and 75182 Republic Fighter Tank. Those two sets represent polar extremes in terms of scale and approach, with one nearly double the size of the other.

75342 Republic Fighter Tank, on the other hand, falls somewhere between the two – despite containing 43 fewer parts than 2017’s 75182 Republic Fighter Tank, the smallest of the three sets. You can see in the images above, published by legorogue, how the new tank – in red – stands next to both original Clone Wars models.

It’s taller, wider and beefier than the last version, which looks positively squat in contrast. The overall shape is much closer to the original 2008 model, though it obviously can’t compare in size, given it contains just 262 pieces to 7679 Republic Fighter Tank’s ambitious 592 bricks. Part count isn’t everything, though, which is why this latest set trumps 75182 Republic Fighter Tank with fewer pieces.

75342 Republic Fighter Tank also comes out on top in the minifigure department, including six in total: Mace Windu, two 187th Legion Clone Troopers, a 187th Legion Clone Commander and two Battle Droids. 75182 Republic Fighter Tank includes just one Clone Gunner, Aayla Secura and two droids, while the original tank gifted us a measly two Clone Troopers.

While the piece count may have tumbled in comparison to the last version, the parts and minifigures we do get in 75342 Republic Fighter Tank – along with the size demonstrated here – may go some way to explaining its rumoured $39.99 price tag, which is $15 more than 75182 Republic Fighter Tank retailed for in 2017.

Fingers crossed we see a full reveal of this new LEGO Star Wars set soon. Given it’s already on shelves (in Mexico), a wide release in either late April or early May, alongside the LEGO Star Wars Diorama Collection or in time for May the Fourth, seems likely.

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