A DC Comics character is hiding in a new LEGO Star Wars set

A relatively obscure character in an upcoming LEGO Star Wars model could be just what DC Comics fans have been waiting for.

LEGO Star Wars is off to a strong start in 2023, with a very old ship design getting a brand new model. 75347 TIE Bomber pays tribute to one of the Galactic Empire’s more unusual ships, featuring the classic grey colour scheme and even a working bomb drop feature.

However, the most interesting feature of the set may be its minifigure selection. In addition to obvious choices like Darth Vader and a TIE pilot, the LEGO set includes Rae Sloane – a character created for a 2014 Star Wars novel. This Imperial officer has gone on to appear in various other pieces of Star Wars media, including the Star Wars: Squadrons video game. However, she is still a rather unknown character in the wider Star Wars franchise. 

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As such, she may be put to better use in another LEGO theme altogether. Rae Sloane’s smug expression and middle-aged appearance could make her a solid basis for an Amanda Waller minifigure instead.

Amanda Waller has recently appeared in DC media such as Suicide Squad and Peacemaker – portrayed in each of those by Viola Davis, and acting as a kind of puppet master for various DC supervillains. First appearing in 1986, she’s one of the DC universe’s more complex and devious individuals. However, she’s never received an official LEGO minifigure – although Suicide Squad members like Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Killer Croc and Captain Boomerang, who she typically oversees, have earned LEGO versions over the years. 

Rubbing salt in the wound is the fact that the LEGO DC theme has tailed off significantly, leaving numerous corners of the DC Comics universe unexplored. This means that an official LEGO Amanda Waller seems likely to remain absent – even if her appearance in LEGO Batman 3 suggests she isn’t off the table altogether, should the LEGO DC theme return properly in the future.

While several women of colour have made LEGO appearances before now, Rae Sloane’s minifigure is arguably the best choice for this particular project – particularly since Waller’s middle-aged incarnations are amongst her most iconic. Finding suitable clothing may prove more of a challenge, but LEGO fans are nothing if not creative.

If – of course – you’re a Rae Sloane fan, you can simply enjoy her minifigure on its own merits. It’ll be available within 75347 TIE Bomber from January 1, 2023; buying the set will cost you £59.99 / $64.99 / €64.99.

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