Disney Infinity scrapped, LEGO Dimension possibilities?

Last night news broke that Disney Infinity SVP & GM, John Blackburn, revealed that they have decided to cancel Disney Infinity. Whats, this got to do with LEGO, well because of Disney Infinity, there was no way for the likes of Star Wars, Marvel or Disney IP’s appearing in LEGO Dimensions. Now that the game is ending, Disney will no longer see Dimensions as a rival and with contract(s) already in place between LEGO and Disney/Lucasfilm/Marvel could we see future expansion packs, worlds etc. This news while sad for those who played Disney Infinity bodes well for fans of LEGO Dimensions.

With  E3, San Diego Comic Con, and Gamescom all coming up over the summer, we should find out more. It is only early days but the prospect of some awesome new worlds means LEGO Dimensions could and should get a whole lot better.



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  1. TheHappyJawah

    Sad to here Infinity’s been axed along with the studio (300+ staff are being let go) as Disney Infinity 3.0 was legitimately awesome! But the possibility of Star Wars and Marvel getting in on the Dimensions action is exciting, even though I don’t actually play Dimensions.

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