Doctor Who may feature in The LEGO Movie 2

It’s not a done deal, but talks are apparently underway to see if Doctor Who can venture into The LEGO Movie 2…

It’s taken far too long for the world of Doctor Who and LEGO to cross over. Finally, though, there are Doctor Who LEGO sets, and the recent LEGO Dimensions videogame has a Doctor Who pack you can buy for it. The world is back in some sort of equilibrium.

Now, though, comes a strong hint that Doctor Who will be part of The LEGO Movie 2 as well.

The film is being directed by Rob Schrab who was recently a guest on the Harmontown podcast. It was on said podcast that he teased that Warner Bros and the BBC are in talks to see if there’s the possibility of the Doctor appearing in the new film.

We’re guessing this’ll be along the lines of the brief cameos we saw from all sorts of properties in the original The LEGO Movie. But who knows – it may end up being more.

Here’s hoping this one can work itself out….




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