Exciting ReBrick news!

This is from the LEGO Ambassdor Network for us to share with our community, regarding the Rebrick site that most AFOLs don’t use 😛

In late 2011, the LEGO Group launched the ReBrick social sharing platform experiment. Since then the ReBrick Beta site has been testing features and listening to the voice of the LEGO community, now leading up to a change of concept in order to focus on the most popular feature of the ReBrick Beta, namely the contests.

The building challenges and contests on the new LEGO Rebrick platform will in the future deliver more opportunities to showcase the creative and inspiring work of the Rebrick community and integrate the experience closer with the product franchises at the LEGO Group.

Senior Director of LEGO Community Engagement Tormod Askildsen explains:

“The new LEGO Rebrick platform gives people with a love for the LEGO brick an outlet to express their creativity by sharing their own original and artistic work through fun and engaging contests with targeted briefs made by The LEGO Group. On LEGO Rebrick the creative community will get an exceptional opportunity to work closely with the LEGO Group and to impact and influence not only the LEGO brand and marketing but also to inspire the adult, teen and child builders of tomorrow.”

When will the change happen and what happens to my links?

ReBrick Beta as we know it will change to the new LEGO Rebrick platform, please check back for an announcement date with further details later in the month. This means your galleries and bookmarks will not be transferred over to the new site. If you would like to keep your galleries and bookmarks, please save the images and links you have stored elsewhere.

We are really excited to be able to share more with you soon, and look forward to the new era of the Rebrick community!

If you have any questions, please share them below and we will forward on to them.


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