What LEGO sets can we expect from Disney’s Lightyear movie?

The first trailer for Lightyear, Pixar’s new movie, has been released online – and we’re left wondering what

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sets it could inspire.

Released in 2022, Lightyear is something of an origin story for the famous Pixar character. Rather than following the toy, however, the movie follows the ‘real’ Buzz Lightyear – a human astronaut who blasts off to see the galaxy. Captain America himself, Chris Evans, will provide voicework for Buzz.

While some familiar elements pop up in the trailer (like Buzz’s iconic suit) a lot of the story is still mysterious at this stage, but we do see Buzz exploring a Dagobah-esque planet and encountering an alien life form. The evil Emperor Zurg is (as yet) missing in action.

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sets inspired by the movie haven’t been formally announced yet. However, the LEGO Group has already produced numerous sets inspired by the Toy Story and Incredibles franchises, and a Lightyear range seems likely in light of that.

We’ve also heard rumours that a trio of Lightyear-inspired sets – at differing price points – are scheduled for release next year. Conflicting sources suggest that this is either a 4+ collection or something pitched at an older audience. Regardless, with the trailer in hand we can make some educated guesses as to what we’re receiving.

The spacecraft that Buzz pilots seems like an obvious choice. There’s clear play value in such a model, and certain elements – like the red and white wing stripes – make it instantly appealing. The rumoured $29.99 or $49.99 price point is probably the best fit for a model like this.

We’d also expect the tentacled creature Buzz meets to play a role. A $19.99 price point feels like a good fit for such a scenario.

As for the third model? Some kind of larger structure seems likely. We see a launch base and what could be personal quarters for Buzz himself in the trailer. This could be a place where Lightyear’s supporting characters – including a robot cat and a female Space Ranger – make an appearance. 

With a planned release date of June 17, we hopefully won’t have to wait too long for a LEGO Lightyear announcement. Until then, we can pore over the trailer and enjoy the David Bowie remix again. 

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