Explained with LEGO Bricks series launches on LEGO Discover

The LEGO Group has announced the launch of a new educational series, Explained with LEGO Bricks, on the LEGO Discover YouTube channel.

A whole range of educational topics will be explored in the new series launching on the LEGO Discover YouTube channel, Explained with LEGO Bricks. As well as live-action, the videos will include stop motion and cut scenes to ensure that learning remains entertaining. Each episode covers a new topic that includes a variety of fun facts and trivia.

Here is the official description:

The show’s purpose is to use the fun of the LEGO Bricks to draw kids in a topic they would be naturally curious about, and prompt them to know more. All episodes will aim to do this with various topics about science, nature and technology as part of the larger effort to get more kids interested into STEM related topics.

Back in October, LEGO Discover launched as a place for the LEGO Group to share content that teaches children modern skills in a fun way, a home for all things STEM related. Over 10,000 subscribers follow the channel.

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