Face the Bone Demon with a first look at a LEGO Monkie Kid summer set

The new LEGO Monkie Kid summer sets are starting to find themselves in the hands of builders, meaning it’s time to get up close and personal with 80028 The Bone Demon.

Whilst usually we wouldn’t recommend getting too familiar with an entity known as The Bone Demon, the first reviews for the record-breaking LEGO set have arrived – so we’ll allow it just this once. Monkie Kid 80028 The Bone Demon is one of three upcoming models for the theme and Bricks By Mind has received it early, giving us a detailed view of the new minifigures and glowing effects throughout the build.

The illuminating elements within the set are demonstrated, both separately and when combined as the huge mech, revealing the intimidating presence that each carries.

Aside from the many models, the minifigures are also a highlight of 80028 The Bone Demon, with a new piece introduced for White Bone Demon’s hair. The glowing effects even manage to find a way into the minions too. As the YouTuber notes, all minifigures are currently exclusive to the set with this being the only way to grab the skeletal antagonist.


“I love all the different aspects of the bone mech, how they’re all their own separate things and how they all come together,” says Mind. “The sheer amount of glow in the dark parts in this set is awesome.”

LEGO Monkie Kid 80028 The Bone Demon will release on July 1 and if you plan on picking it up, look out for the video game inspiration within it.

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