Fan-made LEGO Star Wars: Andor mystery build instructions now available

A set of tongue-in-cheek fan-made instructions for a mystery build featured in Star Wars: Andor is now available for all online.

Those of you following Star Wars: Andor on Disney+ will have been gripped in recent weeks, as the show has taken plenty of dramatic twists and turns. With only two episodes of Season 1 left to play out, the title character continues to move ever closer to the Rebel leader he will ultimately become in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. (Spoilers ahead)

The latest arc of the story has seen Andor wrongly-imprisoned on Narkina 5, along with many other enemies of the Empire. During their time in the facility, the inmates spend most of their time working on a monotonous production line assembling… who knows what. The heavy metal components don’t seem to resemble anything we’ve seen to date in the Star Wars galaxy, although fans have speculated they could be anything from the central part of a TIE Fighter wing to elements used in the construction of the first Death Star.

LEGO Star Wars Andor fan made mystery build instructions
Image: WookieNutz

One enterprising LEGO fan known as WookieNutz has now taken the basic design of the mystery build and created his own set of instrutions for others to make again and again. The model is obviously meant to be a humorous creation, one that consists of 10 basic pieces that have to be combined ad infinitum, complete with the message, ‘Repeat until death.’

The spoof model instructions have even impressed the official Star Wars: Andor Twitter account, which commented on the design by stating, ‘Other things that are deadly when stepped on,’ a nod to the dangers of leaving random LEGO pieces lying around potentially hinting at the build’s ultimate purpose within the show.

Star Wars: Andor is currently streaming on Disney+, with the remaining two episodes due to be released on consecutive Wednesdays.

Featured image: Star Wars

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