First look at LEGO Super Mario 71381 Chain Chomp Jungle Encounter

An early review showcases the arrival of a classic enemy in LEGO Super Mario 71381 Chain Chomp Jungle Encounter.

As with the other forthcoming expansion packs, 71382 Piranha Plant Puzzling Challenge and 71383 Wiggler’s Poison Swamp, this set takes place in the Soda Jungle. The toxic waters of this swamp world are deadly for Mario and are represented by a new purple biome. In a similar fashion to the red ‘lava’ plates of previous releases, the Mario figure will react with dismay if he lands on the purple base plates.

The expansion set adds two new foes for Mario to dispense with. A Bramball hangs in the air with the support of two new vine elements. These flexible pieces hold the Bramball aloft but also allow for a realistic bouncing motion as Mario pummels him.   

The real highlight of this set is the introduction of a Chain Chomp to the world of LEGO Super Mario. This iconic enemy has been giving Mario grief since the late 1980s so was long overdue a brick makeover.


Youtuber just2good received an early copy of the set to review. His video reveals the fantastic play feature that knocks Chain Chomp off his perch. When Mario jumps on to the wooden log, a see-saw mechanism is triggered that sends Chain Chomp flying.

71381 Chain Chomp Jungle Encounter will launch on January 1 for £19.99 / $19.99 / €19.49. It will arrive alongside a flurry of other LEGO Super Mario sets, including 71380 Master Your Adventure Maker Settwo more expansion packstwo new Power-Up Packs, and a second series of Character Packs.

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