First look at the new LEGO Dimension sets

Ahead of today’s reveal Amazon Mexico has revealed the next wave of sets, these include new fun, team and level pack. But also for the first time ever a story pack. The story pack is based on the new Ghostbusters IP and comes one of the films new characters, the new ecto-1 and a new Gateway for your toypad, as well as a whole new story.

The fun pack is Mr.T from the classic A-team, then we have a Mission Impossible level pack and then an Adventure Time level and team pack, plus as predicted a Harry Potter team pack. As we said phase 2 sets will include gold bases instead of the blue ones found in the first phase.

phase 2 (6) phase 2 (9)

phase 2 (2) phase 2 (10)

phase 2 (11) phase 2 (1)

phase 2 (12)phase 2 (7) phase 2 (5) phase 2 (4) phase 2 (3)


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