First look at LEGO Technic 42151 Bugatti Bolide reveals the set’s secrets

Reviews of the new LEGO Technic sets for 2023 are appearing online – and 42151 Bugatti Bolide is more interesting than you might expect.

2023 is fast approaching, with plenty of new LEGO sets for LEGO fans to look forward to. LEGO Technic fans in particular have six new LEGO Technic sets to buy, all of which are relatively affordable this time around.

The largest of these new sets is 42141 Bugatti Bolide, which is styled after the 2021 sports car of the same name. It’s notably smaller than similar subject matter in the LEGO Technic theme; most sets of this type tend to have a price tag in the triple digits, and a parts count to match. This particular model is more reasonably priced, costing just £44.99 / $49.99 / €49.99 for 905 pieces.

But does that compromise result in a weaker set? RacingBrick doesn’t seem to think so; its recently-published review of the set highlights a solid LEGO Technic model. Highlights include strong attention to detail inside and out, hand-of-god steering (although there’s no differential), strong colour coordination and opening doors. However, there are some unfortunate design quirks around the dashboard area – and the printed elements suffer from less vibrant colours than the stickers, which is a recurring problem in LEGO sets.


There are a couple of other points of interest highlighted in this set. First up is a reference to the CSR Racing video game franchise via a sticker on the car’s side. This could be a simple bit of real-world branding, or a hint at a tie in to the CSR franchise going forward. Prototype images of the set suggest a tie in to CSR3, although such a game doesn’t actually exist at the moment.

The car also resurrects a specific wheel design in yellow, echoing the broader yellow colour scheme of the set. This particular part/colour combo is surprisingly rare. It’s only appeared once before in 79115 Turtle Van Takedown – a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set released back in 2014. As such, if you’ve been looking for these wheels, you may find them a little easier to track down next year. 

Overall, this isn’t a set you’re likely to be disappointed by – especially at this price point. Look out for the set at from January 1, 2023. 

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