Five Hogwarts locations that still need the LEGO Harry Potter magic touch

The LEGO Group is slowly but surely building a minifigure scale version of Hogwarts from Harry Potter, with many iconic rooms already made, but five in particular would make great sets.

The Harry Potter movies have become classics to fans all around the world, creating an almost universal love for the Wizarding World. This has evolved into many dreaming to one day get their own letter to Hogwarts, the magic school that featured through the films. Through LEGO sets, they can relive the adventures, but with many locations missing, here are five that we can only hope to receive.

5 – The owlery

LEGO Harry Potter Owlery
Image: Warner Bros

Despite the ‘mess’ that covers the owlery, the tower is a beautiful location just outside the main Hogwarts Grounds. It houses all of the student’s owls who live together, waiting for their wizards and witches to call upon them. A LEGO set of the tower would need to include a lot of owls, from recognisable designs to all new patterns, it could prove a great opportunity for bird-lovers. A dash of white bricks would also need to be included for obvious reasons.

4 – The grand staircase

Harry potter grand staircase
Image: Warner Bros

While this room has seen a LEGO appearance in 71043 Hogwarts Castle, it was far from minifigure scale and there is still so much more the designers could do with a set of it. The build could benefit from being just a portion of the room, but given some height. Staircases could rotate from left to right, or if the designers are feeling brave, up and down. The main draw of a model for the staircase however would be the paintings. Using a system of gears, the portraits could all be rotated or moved at the same time, recreating the conversations between the figures within them.

3 – The viaduct courtyard

harry potter Viaduct Courtyard
Image: Warner Bros

This is another location that has received a LEGO set, sort of. The viaduct courtyard is attached to the Great Hall and received a very miniature version in 75954 Hogwarts Great Hall. However, it simply didn’t do the gorgeous courtyard justice. This iconic location was the scene of many confrontations at Hogwarts and one of the first things students and visitors to the school see. The LEGO Group could easily a dedicate a set to it based on one of the scenes from the movies, such as the final duel between Harry Potter and Voldemort.

2 – Gryffindor Common Room

Gryffindor Common Room harry potter
Image: Warner Bros

As the meeting place for the trio of Ron, Hermione and Harry throughout the movies, it’s surprising that the common room for their house has never seen a LEGO set. One idea for this could be to follow the pattern of the new Hogwarts Moments sets, with one model for each of the house’s common rooms, all combining together into one interconnected build. Exclusive There are quite a few intricate details the designers could call upon for it, from the furniture to the wallpaper.

1 – Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom

harry potter bathroom 1
Image: Hugo

Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom is one of the most architecturally beautiful places in Hogwarts. With a central fountain that houses the sinks surrounded by glass windows. Many LEGO Harry Potter fans have already taken it upon themselves to recreate the location, such as Hugo on Flickr. There are quite a few scenes from the movies that take place here from a haunting experience to a Troll attack. Such a gorgeous location would be appreciated to see in official LEGO form and could expand the interior of the current range of LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts sets.

Hopefully, 75969 Hogwarts Astronomy Tower won’t be the last addition to the brick-built magical school as there are plenty of fan-favourite locations for the LEGO designers to pick from.

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