Five of the best iDisplayit display cases for your LEGO collection

With a wide array of options (and an exclusive Brick Fanatics discount) we’ve picked out five great iDisplayit products to help show off your LEGO sets.

iDisplayit has been producing LEGO display cases for a while, with cases for both the latest releases and older models. Each one is designed for a specific LEGO set, which ensures they’re just the right size for whatever you’re looking to display.

Crucially, these cases help to keep your LEGO sets dust-free – a perennial problem for any LEGO fan. And since an increasing number of LEGO sets are display pieces first and foremost, we thought now would be a great time to talk about some of the best.

We’re also pleased to offer our readers an exclusive discount on iDisplayit products. Simply enter the exclusive code BFT10 to receive 10% off your order. However, this offer is only available for a limited time, so act fast to avoid disappointment.


5 – Display case for 75313 AT-AT

The latest entry in the Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series is also one of the best. The AT-AT, a lumbering behemoth of the Imperial Army, has earned many LEGO versions in a range of different sizes. 75313 AT-AT was released in 2021 and remains one of the largest, most expensive sets in LEGO history. While it’s a bit more interactive than other UCS models, it’s an impressive display piece – and deserves a suitably impressive display case to accompany it.

In an unusual move for iDisplayit’s products, it’s available in two very different versions. You can get a standard transparent display case or one with a Hoth backdrop on both its floor and one side. It’s a great way of placing the AT-AT in a proper context.

This case is rather pricey, but it’ll save you plenty of time on cleaning the set’s myriad nooks and crannies. Expect to pay at least £120 for the privilege, or £144 for the decorated edition. Of course, with our exclusive 10% discount using code BFT10, you can lower those to £108 and £129.60 respectively.

4 – Acrylic cover for LEGO Art sets

This set is one of the less flashy options. To be honest, once it’s in place you’re likely to forget it’s there as it gathers dust between the studs. But with this particular product, that unobtrusive nature is kind of the whole point.

This cover slots over the front of a standard LEGO Art set, such as 31197 Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe. It’s held in place with four (authentic) 2×2 tiles, attached at each corner of the set. These are included with the panel, allowing you to use it right away and allowing you to avoid any dust on your LEGO mosaic.

Once installed, the panel will give the set the feel of a conventional picture in a frame. It’s also sold in packs to save on shipping costs, but it’s not compatible with the multi-set pictures that are available to build.

A single panel costs £7.20, with packs of up to six available at once. If you’re looking to protect the larger, multi-set Art builds, panels are available separately for these as well. However, the single panel will set you back only £6.48 using our discount.

3 – Helmet display cases

The LEGO Group’s range of cowls, busts and helmets (of which 75277 Boba Fett Helmet is a particularly attractive example) bring a touch of class to any collection. Another great example of a LEGO display piece, these cases are available for each helmet or bust currently available.

Every LEGO product of this type has its own product listing, although they are all priced identically at £25.20 at the moment, or £22.68 with code BFT10. Each one comes with the option of a black or a white base depending on your preference. If you’ve invested in multiple helmets, larger single-piece cases are also available.

2 – Display case for 40516 Everyone is Awesome

Everyone is Awesome signals the LEGO Group’s support for people under the queer umbrella – lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, and many more besides. While there are questions around the extent of that support it’s still a nice set on its own merits and even made it onto our list of the top LEGO sets of 2021. Now you can display it in style with a custom iDisplayit case.

The set is a snug fit in the case, but there’s still a little breathing room for it once it’s in there. Like the helmet display cases it comes with either a black or a white base – though, given the use of white elements as the bottom layer of the set, white seems the obvious choice here. It can be bought for £19.20 before any discounts or delivery costs, or for £17.28 using our exclusive offer.

Display case for 80108 Lunar New Year Traditions

The Lunar New Year product range has become an unexpected success for the LEGO Group. Its lush depictions of Chinese traditions have earned many fans outside China itself. 80108 Lunar New Year Traditions mixes up the form factor a little, and benefits from a display case as a result.

Each of the set’s vignettes can be displayed individually, in a pyramid or a circle. It’s the latter configuration that this display case is for, and clear sides all around let you see the set in all its glory. Both black and white bases look good here, and you can have the case for £26.40 at full price or our 10% discount code can take that down to £23.76

If you’d like to buy any of these sets, head on over to the iDisplayit website to make your purchases and consider using our exclusive code BFT10 to save 10% on any purchase. Using the links on this page will earn us a small commission, and help keep the site running. Happy shopping!

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