Five LEGO BrickLink Designer Program projects we can’t wait to back

The BrickLink Designer Program is full of promising projects given a second chance, and with the crowdfunding stage approaching, there are plenty we can’t wait to back. 

Many LEGO Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Ideas projects failed to pass the final hurdle and were rejected in their respective rounds of the review stage, but BrickLink is giving a select few of them a second chance, with some experimental models and more all part of the program. 

However, not every one of these projects may make it through to the next stage, with three having already bowed out before crowdfunding could begin. With that in mind, why not look at five that we’re hoping to back as soon as we can. 

5 – Anatomini

Anatomini was certainly one of the more unique submissions that came to LEGO Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Ideas and was focused on the theme of anatomy, but in the scale of a LEGO minifigure, hence the name. While we can understand why it wasn’t selected for a set, it would still make for quite the conversation piece in any home, or potentially as an educational asset in schools. 


4 – Brickwest Studios

If you’re a long-time fan of LEGO Studios and have been waiting to step behind the silver LEGO screen again, then Brickwest Studios might be for you. While the BrickLink AFOL Designer Program did see the creation of a LEGO saloon, this project sets itself apart with the inclusion of filmmaking equipment, ready to create a brick-built cinematic masterpiece. 

3 – Pursuit of Flight

JK Brickworks is known for his kinetic LEGO sculptures, and once upon a time, attempted to sway the LEGO Ideas crowd with aomw his creations. Now he’s brought Pursuit of Flight over to BrickLink for round two. This moving model presents a dogfight between two pint-sized planes, with the world sitting beneath them as they soar in battle. 

2 – The Castle in the Forest

While we wait for the LEGO Group to fully return to the world of knights and nobles, one LEGO Ideas castle project has risen to the ranks of BrickLink to take us back to the days of old. The Castle in the Forest depicts a medieval outpost, or maybe a ruin from a fantasy world, that’s up to you to decide. With natural elements seeping throughout the build and a full interior catering to your minifigures, Castle fans might finally get another chance at owning a LEGO fortress. 

1 – The Legend of the Bionicle

It’s not just original models that make up the selection of the BrickLink Designer Program as The Legend of the Bionicle is looking to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the theme, just a bit later than initially expected. Should this pass into crowdfunding, Bionicle will be back in this mid-sized model retelling the story of the series in diorama form. 

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