Five LEGO sets to pair with LEGO Art builds for two-part displays

Pair these five LEGO Art sets with a perfectly-matched build for the ultimate two-part display.

The LEGO Art sets look good on their own, but one LEGO set is never enough – or so we keep telling ourselves. By pairing your LEGO Art builds with sets beneath them, you can create displays from across multiple themes that still have a unified theme.

Here are five combinations of LEGO Art and other sets that will impress anyone from a casual observer to a diehard LEGO fan.

5 – 31205 Jim Lee Batman Collection / 76240 Batman Batmobile Tumbler

31205 Jim Lee Batman Collection is the set that keeps on giving, offering you the option to display Batman, the Joker, or Harley Quinn. Plus, you can combine it with a second set to create a picture of Batman and Catwoman in a dramatic moment. What better LEGO Art set could there be to display above 76240 Batman Batmobile Tumbler? While it’s a bit of a clash between two different eras of the caped hero, the moody colours complement each other well.

4 – 31207 Floral Art / 10311 Orchid

31207 Floral Art is another build that can be displayed in multiple ways, but if you choose the way pictured above, it pairs perfectly with 10311 Orchid. The colour scheme of white and pink is reflected in both, alongside accents of blue in both the LEGO Art set and the brick-built flower pot of 10311 Orchid. With 15 different customisation options available, you might even be able to find a still closer match between the two builds.

3 – 31208 Hokusai – The Great Wave / 21335 Motorised Lighthouse

Moving on to a nautical theme, the recently-released 31208 Hokusai – The Great Wave could not look better than when paired with 21335 Motorised Lighthouse. Not only will the wave stand out in relief and look like it’s about to crash into 21335, but the two sets also stick to similar light colours of white, sand, and blue.

2 – 31206 The Rolling Stones / 21329 Fender Stratocaster

If you’ve got a rock streak that you want to have on display in your home, pairing 31206 The Rolling Stones and 21329 Fender Stratocaster is the ideal combo. The red and white of both add to the unifying effect, while also uniting through the theme of rock and roll.

1 – 21333 Vincent van Gogh – The Starry Night / 10297 Boutique Hotel

21333 Vincent van Gogh – The Starry Night is perhaps the most dramatic of the LEGO Art sets so far, with the Gothic church standing out from the rest of the set and Van Gogh’s iconic style captured perfectly with the moody colours. It certainly deserves a place in any LEGO art gallery – so why not combine it with 20197 Boutique Hotel and its built-in gallery? The architectural details of 20197 make it a work of art in itself, pairing it neatly with 21333.

ThemeLEGO setPricePiece count
LEGO Art31205 Jim Lee Batman Collection£104.99 / $119.99 / €119.994,167
LEGO DC76240 Batman Batmobile Tumbler£229.99 / $269.99 / €269.992,049
LEGO Art31207 Floral Art£59.99 / $79.99 / €69.992,870
LEGO Icons10311 Orchid£44.99 / $49.99 / €49.99608
LEGO Art31208 Hokusai – The Great Wave£89.99 / $99.99 / €99.991,810
LEGO Ideas21335 Motorised Lighthouse£259.99 / $299.99 / €299.992,065
LEGO Art31206 The Rolling Stones£129.99 / $149.99 / €149.991,998
LEGO Ideas21329 Fender Stratocaster£104.99 / $119.99 / €119.991,074
LEGO Ideas21333 Vincent van Gogh – The Starry Night£149.99 / $169.99 / €169.992,316
LEGO Icons10297 Boutique Hotel£199.99 / $229.99 / €229.993,066

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