LEGO BrickHeadz Pets transform into brick-built minis of beloved pets

A pet owner has used LEGO BrickHeadz to build adorable versions of their two pets, down to the very last detail.

Reddit user u/lookhowTRONisLIVING shared snaps of his builds alongside two pictures of the real-life animals, an American bulldog and a ginger cat with one eye. The finer details of both animals are captured well, even in the limited piece count of BrickHeadz.

“For anyone curious, these are just modified BrickHeadz pets!” explained the creator in the comments. “I made my dog (Max) by combining the instructions for the St. Bernard (body/head) [40543 St. Bernard] and the French bulldog (face) [40544 French Bulldog]. Cat (Damon) is just the kitten from the ginger tabby set [40480 Ginger Tabby] with slightly different colours and one less eye.”

Once we move past applauding the truly brilliant name of ‘Cat Damon’, we also salute the attention to detail throughout the build. One other Reddit user suggested making it even more accurate to real life by adding some pink pieces around the dog’s face, to reflect the pinkish skin showing through Max’s white fur.

Nonetheless, it’s an adorable build to match two cute pets. All three sets, 40543 St. Bernard, 40544 French Bulldog, and 40480 Ginger Tabby, are on sale at 30% off from right now, if you fancy using them or other LEGO BrickHeadz Pets sets to recreate your furry friends.

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