Five LEGO Star Wars Battlefront II Battle Packs we all need

Star Wars Battlefront II is just weeks away from release. With a new game, comes a new host of playable armies – and the possibility of new LEGO Star Wars battle packs…


Star Wars Battle Packs have become a mainstay of the LEGO Star Wars line over the last decade, giving collectors the chance to amass armies of the most desirable troop builders. Over the years there have been must-haves such as Stormtroopers and Rebels, obscure but beloved characters such as Mandalorians and utterly boring choices such as Assassin Droids.

With EA releasing Star Wars Battlefront II, the latest game in the beloved all-out war series, this may be an opportunity for the LEGO Group to base some battle packs on the game as they did in 2016. And this time around, the launch trailer shows that there are so many more factions to choose from…

Inferno Squad


Battlefront II will provide a story mode, a relief to the many fans of the series who were disappointed at the omission in Battlefront (2015). This will focus on Inferno Squad, an elite group of troopers responsible for carrying out special missions in the wake of the Emperor’s death. The story promises to bridge the gap between the end of Return of the Jedi and the opening of The Force Awakens.

The rest of the entries on this list are the types of Battle Packs that fans have been seeking for a while, but Inferno Squad are of course new to the game. The exceptionally cool armour that Iden Versio’s group wear makes them ripe for a minifigure makeover, with the intriguing storyline adding to their desirability.



Chewbacca may be the most famous of them all, but Wookiees have long intrigued Star Wars fans and having more of the lovable species would be no bad thing at all. With Battlefront II taking players to the species’ home world of Kashyyyk, the opportunity is there for a LEGO Star Wars Battle Pack.

In the set 75084 Wookiee Gunship, the LEGO Group produced new moulds for the furry characters. By popping four of them in a box, ideally making a slight colour change on each one, the mould would be optimised and fans would finally be able to bulk out those Wookiee armies for a reasonable price.

Rebel Pilots and Astromechs


It is amazing that the LEGO Group has not done this before, but a pack with pilots and astromech droids seems like a no brainer. With aerial combat being re-introduced in Star Wars Battlefront II, heroics in space will be taking centre stage again. At the moment, fans only get pilot minifigures with starships – a Battle Pack would be a way to get some of those classic flight suits in an affordable way.

The configuration of such a pack allows options, with an X-wing pilot, a Y-wing pilot and maybe an A-wing pilot or Rebel tech too. By including different heads, fans can switch them around on their duplicate copies for extra variety. An astromech droid or two would also be very welcome – as any R2 unit knows, a Star Wars pilot is nothing without their droid.

Battle Droids (or the Confederacy of Independent Systems, for nerd points)


It has not been since the very first Battle Packs that fans have had a chance to army build with Battle Droids. 7654 Battle Droid Battle Pack was released ten years ago, so it is about time that these disposable robots are given a second box of bricks. Now that the prequel era armies are back in Battlefront II, after being absent from Battlefront (2015), the LEGO Group has a perfect excuse to get the obedient Separatist forces back on the shelves.

The configuration for this set has possibilities too – Battle Droids are always more plentiful in sets than minifigure characters, so eight regular Battle Droids could be included, or four and a couple of Super Battle Droids as before. As long as no Droidekas are included, all will be well – it is best to allow fans to choose how they wish to build those particular droids themselves.

Clone Troopers


As well as the droid armies of the Trade Federation making a return in Battlefront II, the Republic armies determined to destroy them are of course back too. Clones have been released in a few  LEGO Star Wars Battle Packs over the years, but rarely in the traditional white armour. That is the version that is most appealing for fans to army build, and that happens to be the version seen in the Battlefront II launch trailer.

This Battle Pack would not need any officer class troopers, or anything like that; just four standard run-of-the-mill Clone Troopers with an assortment of buildable weapons. The plainer these minifigures are, the better the excuse for amassing lots and lots of packs.

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Star Wars Battlefront II is available to pre-order now, due for release on November 17.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be released on December 14 in the UK and December 15 in the USA. The LEGO sets based on the upcoming movie are available now.


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