Five Marvel characters that need a LEGO Marvel figure

LEGO Marvel’s relatively new range of figures can expand the scope of the theme, including through larger-than-life characters.

It’s no surprise that LEGO Marvel has been heavily focused on the Marvel Cinematic Universe as of late and that’s not surprising considering the success of the franchise so far. However, it has recently managed to re-introduce an X-Men member as a minifigure and include a mix of comics-inspired models too such as the three upcoming LEGO Spider-Man figures that follow a design first debut in 76206 Iron Man Figure

As the range of LEGO Marvel figures continues to grow, these characters could help to expand the scope of LEGO Marvel even further with larger-than-life characters brought to life in bricks. 

5 – A Sentinel 

As the robotic adversaries of the X-Men, a Sentinel figure using the new design could work well alongside 76202 Wolverine Mech Armour and be compatible as both a standalone figure or a size-accurate villain for LEGO Marvel minifigures to battle. 


4 – More Iron Man armour 

We’ve already had one Iron Man figure and a few more could represent other armours featured in the MCU or the comics. A staggered release schedule could also make them collectable over multiple years.

3 – War Machine 

War Machine may be similar to Iron Man but considering that there are two Spider-Man figures for Miles Morales and Peter Parker, one for War Machine could make sense. Its design could be different with the inclusion of a cannon or minigun over the shoulder or perhaps a bulkier appearance too. 

2 – Ultron 

Acting as another adversary, Ultron is well suited to the design of these LEGO Marvel figures and his helmet could be applied to the new faceplate element with additional elements to capture the look of the character at this scale. 

1 – Galactus 

Following on from our idea of a LEGO Marvel Sentinel figure, the less-robotic Galactus could work well as a figure too. Thanks to the size of the character, a Galactus figure could be minifigure scale and a way to approach his unique helmet design without an all-new element. 

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