Five more LEGO World Builder projects we’d love to become official

LEGO World Builder has grown a great amount since its launch with one released project and another currently in development, but what else could come from the platform?

We approached a similar list to this six months following the launch of LEGO World Builder, but with the team seemingly getting their footing with two worlds purchased and one already released, it might be time to revisit the platform and see what else the Architects have come up with.

Some of these worlds may be included in the upcoming Pitch Fest results, so sit tight and get ready to explore the creative worlds that may one day become real LEGO projects.

Time Cruisers: NEO

LEGO World Builder Time Cruisers NEO

LEGO Time Cruisers NEO proposes a reinvention of the classic theme with a new trio of characters saving time from a nefarious treasure hunter seeking to steal relics of history before they become history. The proposed builds for this project are bright and full of features even before any Designer amendments.

Legends of Chima: The War of the Dragons

LEGO Legends of Chima wide world

Legends of Chima is well and truly over with the third season of the theme wrapping up the overall story with a battle between fire and ice. However, what if the theme was to return and introduce more mythical elements into the sets? That’s the question this project is asking with the introduction of a dragon tribe. We imagine that the minifigures could potentially use the new draconic pieces from VIDIYO 43109 Metal Dragon BeatBox.


LEGO World Builder Rockpopalypse

The apocalypse might seem like the end of the world, but why drift into hopelessness when you could bring the beats to the Rockpopalypse? This project proposes a fun twist on the apocalypse genre by combining it with a musical element. This world is seemingly inspired by The LEGO Movie 2, and it shows in the bright and colourful characters combined with musical-hating zombies and the broken world around them.

Dino Knights

LEGO World Builder Dino Knights

This world proposes a combination of Jurassic World and Castle with Dino Knights, a world of wizards riding Carnotaurus and Ankylosaurus pulling caravans of cargo. There’s plenty of potential for a theme here with medieval dinosaur pens and unique defenses suited for fending off the living siege weaponry.

Operation D.A.R.K.L.E.Y.S

LEGO World Builder Operation darkleys

Not only do we want to know what that acronym could possibly stand for, but this NINJAGO spin-off world is one of the most unique on the platform with the focus shifted away from the ninja and onto a team of misguided students at a school for evil. The character design presented is faithful to the series but individual enough to stand on their own. Whether this would be a theme or just a series of shorts, we’d love to see Operation D.A.R.K.L.E.Y.S become a reality.

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