John Lewis LEGO deals – five retiring LEGO sets to buy

With the latest John Lewis LEGO deals including a number of retiring sets, we’ve identified five of the best to pick up while you still can.

John Lewis has a great selection of LEGO sets. The company’s current promotion applies across all sets for sale on the John Lewis website; use the code LEGOSTRETCH to save £15 on orders of £85 or more, or £40 on orders of £200 or more. There’s free delivery on orders over £50, while excellent customer service also means you can count on a smooth buying experience from start to finish.

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A large number of LEGO sets are retiring by the end of 2022, which means you may need to prioritise what sets to buy at this time. That’s why we’ve identified five great LEGO sets to focus on during your shopping trip. Keep in mind you may need to make multiple purchases for a discount to apply.

5 – 60302 Wildlife Rescue Operation

60302 Wildlife Rescue Operation CITY

The LEGO CITY line has been pushing into exciting new territory over the last few years: jungles, volcanos and the Arctic have all been explored via this theme. In 2021 a collection of sets inspired by Africa popped up, with 60302 Wildlife Rescue Operation one of the best.

This exciting set includes two Animal Rescue vehicles, including a cargo helicopter (with retractable winch) and a tracked vehicle. A pair of elephants can also be found here, as can a crocodile, a pair of eggs and a hefty chunk of terrain.

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten a LEGO elephant, so animal lovers should definitely pick this one up. Its current price of £56.99 won’t net you additional discounts on its own, but this still represents a significant saving over the full price regardless.

4 – 75314 The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle

75314 The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle Star Wars

This set recreates a key vehicle from Star Wars: The Bad Batch, a recent release on Disney+. Designed as a direct sequel to the Clone Wars TV show, this show follows a pack of unusual clones as they adapt to a changing galaxy. 75314 The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle includes all five members of the Bad Batch, although Omega – their young charge – is sadly absent.

This set remains the only one directly inspired by the Bad Batch show, and it’s anyone’s guess when (or if) these guys will reappear in LEGO form. At £69.99, it’s a steal for LEGO Star Wars fans. 

3 – 76156 Rise of the Domo 

76156 Rise of the Domo Marvel

LEGO is clearly no stranger to spaceships, but this Eternals tie-in is one of the strangest. Depicting the triangular ship from the recent Marvel movie, 76156 Rise of the Domo contains six members of the Eternals as well as a pair of Deviant monsters for them to fight. The interior of the ship can open up for better access, with some weird and wonderful artefacts to play with. 

The LEGO Eternals sets are among the odder examples in the LEGO Marvel theme, so don’t delay if you’re interested in what they’ve got to offer. This set currently retails for £72 on the John Lewis site. 

2 – 10279 Volkswagen T2 Camper Van

10279 Volkswagen T2 Camper Van Sliding Door

This set recreates an icon of the ‘50s and ‘60s, following in the footsteps of similar adult-focussed LEGO sets. It includes several attractive features such as working steering, a pop-up tent, sliding doors and a pair of folding chairs. There’s even a selection of groovy stickers to give this set some additional personality.

10279 Volkswagen T2 Camper Van is due to drive off into the sunset by the end of this year, so don’t pump the brakes if you’re interested in buying one. If bought alone, you can expect to pay £124.99 for it – a 10% saving on the RRP.

1 – 42110 Land Rover Defender

LEGO Technic 42110 Land Rover Defender

This hefty set is one of several licensed models to appear recently in the Technic theme. With an unusual, olive-green livery it immediately stands apart from other Technic sets. However, it also comes with everything you’d expect it to, including working steering, a sequential gearbox and a working six-cylinder engine. You can even extend a front-mounted winch for the real off-road experience.

When ordered by itself in this sale period, you can expect to save about 9% and pay £159.99 for 42110 Land Rover Defender. If you’re a Land Rover or Technic fan, now is a fantastic opportunity to grab it. 

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This offer runs on the John Lewis site until April 4. If you’re interested in these sets or any other LEGO models on the website, don’t delay as stocks are limited and may sell out.

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