Five Star Wars droids that need their own buildable LEGO figures

Droids are a regular inclusion amongst the LEGO Star Wars theme, and there’s another set coming soon for R2-D2, so here are five more metallic characters that need their own sets.  

75308 R2-D2 will join the ranks of other brick-built droids both new and old, but there are plenty of astromechs and mechanical companions beyond BB8, D-0 and R2-D2 that the LEGO designers could look to next. 

From the worlds of video games to spin-off movies set within the Star Wars universe, here are five droids that need their own LEGO sets. 

5 – Chopper

Star Wars Chopper

Hailing from the animated Star Wars Rebels series, this grumpy ally to Hera Syndulla is a smaller model of astromech than R2-D2, but no less functional or reliable. Chopper comes packed with the usual armaments, including a powerful rocket at the bottom of the body, something that could be an interesting challenge to achieve in LEGO bricks considering that it is regularly swapped out for a rubber wheel.

4 – K-2SO

LEGO k 2s0

This rebellious droid made his debut in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story as a reprogrammed security unit of the Empire, now turned to the side of the rebels. There have been two iterations of the character before in bricks, including one made with Technic in 75120 K-2SO. However, a brick-built version could improve on both with more details packed in while retaining poseability. 

3 – BD-1


As assistant to the star of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, BD-1’s design resembles that of an AT-ST walker. One large head and two small legs are most of what makes up the structure of BD-1 and wouldn’t be too difficult for LEGO designers to tackle. Functions include ejecting health packs for his Jedi friend, something that could take a leaf out of 75308 R2-D2’s book

2 – Droideka

Star Wars Droideka new

The Mechanical menace known as the Droideka was a notoriously difficult foe to beat with near-constant blaster fire and a projected shield making them only vulnerable to explosives or extremely close range combat. We’ve attempted our own minifigure-scale version before, just like the LEGO Group, but a larger interpretation could flesh out the intricate components of the droid, including the shield generator.

1 – C-3PO


The fact that R2-D2 has received two massive models before his golden companion can even receive one (that isn’t made of Technic) is one of the most perplexing mysteries in the LEGO world.  

However, there has never been a better time for the LEGO Group to explore this option again. Drum-lacquered gold bricks could capture the reflective shine of the droid, and rival the number of them in 80012 Monkey King Warrior Mech. Plus he’d of course make a great addition next to 75308 R2-D2

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