Five things we spotted in LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation

LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation is streaming now and we’ve spotted a few interesting details in the latest brick-based special from a galaxy far, far away. 

While LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation is about as canon as the two previous LEGO Star Wars specials, it might be worth a watch for every Star Wars enthusiast thanks to its exploration of character elements not highlighted in the films. 

From references to Walt Disney World to a newly-restored planet and a tease for what could be the future of the franchise, here are five things we found while watching LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation. Note that this will include spoilers for LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation 

5 – Databands 

Image: Disney

Starting with the Halcyon, the home of the Galactic Starcruiser experience, the creative team behind LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation have proven that they are familiar with the source material.  


One of the first things Finn does after boarding the Halcyon is collect their room keys, also known as Databands or Magicbands from Walt Disney World. For theme park enthusiasts, it’s a fun detail that you might not have expected to see in an animated LEGO special. 

4 – An expanded climate simulator 

Image: Disney

Focusing once more on the Halcyon, the Galactic Starcruiser’s climate simulator, in reality, includes a small area to experience the outdoors. However, in LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation, it includes a full-sized pool. 

The real experience has no such pool, posing the question of where its inclusion was inspired from. It may be that this is an example of the artistic license that the team behind LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation took with the special. 

3 – The story of Scarif 

Image: Disney

The story of Scarif, the tropical planet seen in Rogue One, is explored in the special as it’s revealed that it used to be a resort, before being visited by The Emperor and Darth Vader and transformed into the base seen in Rogue One. 

However, the ending of that film saw the planet burned after a blast from the Death Star. In the special, it’s back to being tropical as an announcement explains that it has been recently restored. 

2 – Empire Day 

Image: Disney

Following the first LEGO Star Wars special, we reported that we’d like to see an Empire Day holiday special in the future. LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation was that special as The Emperor and Darth Vader’s story starts by celebrating the big day. 

The Emperor being so tired of the celebrations in this story might be a reference to Ascension Week as mentioned in Thrawn, of which Empire Day is the final event. After multiple days of festivities, it’s not surprising to hear that he needed a break. 

1 – The future of Rey, Finn and more 

Image: Disney

LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation is one of the first pieces of Star Wars media to take place after The Rise of Skywalker, giving us a teaser of what might be in store for this cast of characters. 

Rey is off to the unknown regions in search of Jedi Temples, leaving Poe to train new X-Wing pilots, Rose to lead relief missions and Finn to scour the galaxy for other force-sensitive individuals. We’ll have to see if any of these threads are followed up in the future of Star Wars since this special’s canon status is unconfirmed. 

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