Five things we love about LEGO Star Wars 75356 Executor Super Star Destroyer

The LEGO Group has surprise-revealed a brand new LEGO Star Wars set in 75356 Executor Super Star Destroyer, and there’s a lot to love about Darth Vader’s flagship.


Appearing online overnight, the 18+ set offers something brand new for the LEGO Star Wars theme in 2023: a microscale display ship that doesn’t cost the Earth, a la 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer. That’s not the only thing we’re loving about this latest addition to the theme from a galaxy far, far away, though, so keep reading for our initial impressions on this surprise LEGO Star Wars set.

5 – It’s a $70 grey triangle

LEGO Star Wars 75356 Executor Super Star Destroyer 5 1

Okay, we don’t love that price – at 630 pieces, and with zero minifigures in the box, $70 feels just a little bit too high. But you’ve got to admire the temerity of the LEGO Star Wars design team to try to sell us yet another grey triangle from the Star Wars universe. And you know we’ll all lap it up, because it’s LEGO Star Wars, and it’s also been 12 years since our last iteration of this vehicle in 10221 Super Star Destroyer.

4 – It’s an affordable alternative to UCS sets

LEGO Star Wars 75356 Executor Super Star Destroyer 3 1

LEGO Star Wars fans have been asking for a new Ultimate Collector Series Super Star Destroyer since the last one left shelves in the early 2010s. But any update to 10221 Super Star Destroyer would surely have been accompanied by a super price tag, putting it out of reach of all but a select few. 75356 Executor Super Star Destroyer’s price may be high in isolation, but comparatively it’s much more accessible than a UCS set.

3 – It’s got a retro feel about it

Remember 2009’s 7778 Midi-scale Millennium Falcon and 2010’s 8099 Midi-scale Imperial Star Destroyer? Give yourself a pat on the back if you do, because the LEGO Group’s brief experiment with that scale vanished as quickly as it arrived. But 75356 Executor Super Star Destroyer feels like an ode to those sets, even if it is technically microscale rather than midi-scale.

2 – That 40th-anniversary plaque

LEGO Star Wars 75356 Executor Super Star Destroyer plaques

2023 marks the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, and the LEGO Group has already gone full tilt on its celebrations with 75351 Princess Leia (Boushh) Helmet and, erm, 75347 TIE Bomber (we don’t get it either). This is the first Episode VI set to include a dedicated 40th-anniversary display plaque, however, which may have contributed a little to that $70 price tag.

1 – It came out of nowhere

LEGO Star Wars 75356 Executor Super Star Destroyer 6 1

Between rumours, accidental unveilings and early store sales, it’s very rare these days that the LEGO Group manages to genuinely surprise us with any new products. But 75356 Executor Super Star Destroyer really did come out of nowhere: until today, its product number was thought to belong to a rumoured Jabba’s Throne Room Diorama. (The fate of that set is still up in the air as a result.) Score one for the LEGO Group’s confidentiality team, we guess.

LEGO Star Wars 75356 Executor Super Star Destroyer launches on May 1, and is available to pre-order in the US right now for $69.99.

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