Fossil Museum hits 10k on LEGO Ideas

Hot on the heals of last week’s projects to hit 10k supporters on LEGO Ideas, the Fossil Museum became the latest project to hit the milestone late last night, now proceeding into the review stage.  Whatpumpkins posted this project description to promote his project:

“Museums are possibly the best way to get a glimpse of just how grand the scale of the Mesozoic world was, save actually being there. Towering skeletons of ancient giants, some with long necks arcing overhead, others shaking their plates at the ceiling, and still others grinning hungrily as they eye their next meal. It is truly an awesome experience to be among the fossilized bones of ancient creatures.

This set attempts to capture that magnificent experience in a small display featuring four popular dinosaurs (and one popular pterosaur) in skeletons as accurate as I could achieve at this scale. The genuses are:
  • Stegosaurus
  • Pteranodon
  • Apatosaurus
  • two Deinonychus
  • Spinosaurus

Additionally, a paleontologist and a family of three are in the exhibit, to stand in awe at the creatures before them. Five plaques on the exhibit theoretically display the name of the species, though at this scale actually doing so would be difficult. Each dinosaur has a reasonable amount of articulation, if you wish to pose them in your own way when on display, or if you wish to have some dino skeletons duking it out. The skeletons are not white, because from my experience they rarely are. Fossils in museums are usually varying shades of tan and brown, so I did my best to choose the most fitting tone I could. This set has 599 pieces”

It is a project that isn’t based on a 3rd party IP so could stand a good chance of passing the review stage.


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