Four inspiring concepts for a LEGO Ideas Dungeons & Dragons set

LEGO Ideas is teaming up with Dungeons & Dragons for a set inspired by fans in a new challenge, and there’s plenty of inspiration to draw upon. 

LEGO Ideaslatest challenge (the recently renamed contests) is a partnership with Hasbro once more for a Dungeons & Dragons LEGO set, likely coming in 2024. This new model will be based on any entry that reaches the fan vote phase, with the vote itself not determining any particular design. 

For those new or returning to the classic tabletop role-playing game, here are a few ideas to inspire your entries: 

4 – A giant buildable D20 

The LEGO Ideas design team have already proven that they can create a sturdy brick-built globe with 21332 The Globe so an icosahedron might be possible too. An icosahedron is the name of the shape that forms the iconic D20 dice, which has become an important part of Dungeons & Dragons, deciding many moves and outcomes in campaigns. 


To take this idea one step further, you could incorporate a folding mechanism into your entry with small scenes featured on the inside of the die. 

3 – The Yawning Portal 

For location-based models, the Forgotten Realms, one of the most familiar settings in Dungeons & Dragons, has a huge and iconic inn known as The Yawning Portal that could suit a LEGO Ideas model similar to 21330 Home Alone

With an interior featuring a well leading into the dark region known as the Undermountain and multiple floors for adventurers to dine and revel on, there may be further opportunities to explore inside such a build too. 

2 – LEGO Dungeons & Dragons accessories 

Image: El_Skutto

Playing Dungeons & Dragons in person can be supported with various accessories including a DM screen to hide spoiler-filled information from players, miniatures, dice and more. For your entry, you could try and recreate these items with bricks for a more practical LEGO Ideas set. 

Minifigures would work well for miniatures, a LEGO DM screen could include shelving and drawers as well as folding features and small brick-built dice could be an interesting challenge to approach. Alternatively, a simple LEGO dice tower could be another practical angle to aim for.

1 – An epic diorama 

The exciting moments of tension where everything is determined by a single dice roll are an iconic part of Dungeons & Dragons, whether it be battling a dragon or sneaking through an evil lair. 

For those familiar with the game, a recreation of one of these scenes from your campaigns could make for an epic diorama, similar to the existing LEGO Star Wars and Jurassic Park sets. 

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