Four reasons why you should display your LEGO builds

With dozens of LEGO events taking place across the country, here are some reasons to bring along a build of your own – and a competition to make it easier to do so.

LEGO event masterminds Brick Festival run dozens of LEGO events throughout the year, from Carlisle to Maidstone, Birmingham to Cheshunt. Builds of all shapes and sizes get their time in the spotlight andm right now, Brick Festival is searching for even more builders to welcome to the community.

Here’s a look at some reasons why you should consider building LEGO – and stay tuned to the end for the chance to win a £1,000 LEGO voucher, ideal to buy some parts to get you started on your next creative build.

4 – Sharing your passion with others is an amazing feeling

“My number one tip for beginners is [to] remember your passion is a globally shared passion,” Alasdair Dodds told us. “People will want to see what you have done. I have been building for decades but only very recently started sharing what I do. I wish I had started sharing earlier.”


While it might feel nerve-wracking at first, remember that LEGO events are full of LEGO fans and people who are keen to see and hear about your latest creative idea. You won’t be able to find a better place to talk about building LEGO, as well as learn from seeing other people’s creativity at work around you.

“I was actually hounded by friends to share my build and it took that to make it happen, as I didn’t think it was good enough,” Alasdair added.

3 – It’s a great way to make friends

As above, the community around displaying LEGO builds is one of the best things about it. Another builder, Nick Mitchell aka Gecko_Builds has met new people by bringing his models to events. From starting small at one event or two, he’s now been to several conventions with his brick-built designs in tow.

“I’ve made friends with some amazing people and now we try and bring builds to many conventions,” Nick told us. “It’s not just about the LEGO, but also the community. So enjoy it, get out your comfort zone and show us what you can build!”

2 – Displaying LEGO models builds your confidence

You might think that not feeling confident about your LEGO builds (something every single builder we spoke to struggled with at some point) means you shouldn’t display at events – but it’s exactly the opposite. The more you talk and show off your models, the more confident you will get. Plus, you’ll get to meet more experienced builders and talk to people with different perspectives who can help your building skills grow, just as it did with Nick.

“Being able to interact with the public, answering questions or even acknowledging their appreciation for your creations gives you a great feeling of confidence,” the LEGO builder told Brick Fanatics.

1 – It’s easy to get started

A big reason for not displaying at LEGO events is that people believe it’s more difficult to get started than it actually is. Everyone starts from somewhere, whether that’s custom minifigures or an enormous brick-built display.

With dozens of LEGO events across the UK, you’re sure to find a Brick Festival near you, so getting to the event itself shouldn’t be too difficult either. What’s more, many local communities can help newcomers get started with their first show.

“A good start is collaboration builds from LUGs, where every member can contribute as little or as big as they want,” shared another LEGO builder, Sabrina Kelly. “We have organised two large collaboration builds at Sheffield Brickfest, one for Wintervillage and one for Halloween. And a couple of displayers who had not displayed before felt it was an excellent start to contribute their Haunted House or their little MOC (my own creation).

“Another opportunity is sharing a table with someone,” added Sabrina. “[It helps] to take the pressure off you that you need to have enough for one large table.”

In fact, if you’re interested in displaying at LEGO events, Brick Festival, who run LEGO events all over the UK, have their LEGO Builder Support Program, rewarding builders for displaying at their events with increasing levels of vouchers to give greater access to bricks. Click here for all the details on the rewards on offer.

Plus, you could be in with a chance of winning £1,000 in LEGO vouchers – which would go a long way towards your next build. All you need to do is send a quick email; read the full terms and conditions about how to enter here.

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Rachael Davies
Rachael Davies
I write about all the very best fandoms – and that means LEGO, of course. Spending so much time looking at and talking about LEGO sets is dangerous for my bank balance, but the LEGO shelves are thriving. You win some, you lose some.

Rachael Davies

I write about all the very best fandoms – and that means LEGO, of course. Spending so much time looking at and talking about LEGO sets is dangerous for my bank balance, but the LEGO shelves are thriving. You win some, you lose some.

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