Four scenes from The Office to display using LEGO Ideas 21336 The Office

Now you can take LEGO Ideas 21336 The Office home, here are some iconic scenes to display using the reference-filled set.

Available to buy since October 1, the LEGO Group states on its UK website that orders will be shipped by October 25. Those who bought 21336 in person will already have their hands on the set, while others will likely be arriving over the next few days or weeks.

Once you’ve built 21336 The Office and taken in the (many) references to the hit sitcom, it’ll be time to display it. For a show with so many iconic moments, it’ll be hard to pick a scene to display or a moment to immortalise.

To help you decide, here are some of the best moments from The Office that are asking to be displayed in 21336.

4 — Dwight’s Fake Fire Drill

Fake Fire Drill
Image: NBC

Assistant to the Regional Manager Dwight Schrute has done many questionable things in the name of safety but causing mass panic with a fake fire drill is one of the best. He went so far as to heat up the door handles, start a fire in a bin, and lock various exits to test how prepared his colleagues were in the face of an emergency.

To pose the set for the fake fire drill, arrange your figures near all the doors of the set, as they try to find a way out. The set designers have already included a fire in a bucket and Angela’s hidden office cat so make sure those are in place.

If you want extra detail, switch out your minifigures faces to ones of panic.

To round off your scene, lie the Stanley minifigure down on the ground, where he suffers from a heart attack in the show. Add Michael in next to him to attempt a failed resuscitation and you’ve got yourself a golden scene.

3 — CPR Training

CPR Training
Image: NBC

The very same episode contains another scene we recommend recreating. Take a minifigure torso and head, lie it on the floor of the meeting room, and arrange your minifigures around it. Congratulations: you’ve just recreated CPR training.

To keep up with continuity, take out the transparent window pane and replace with brown ones to mark where Michael threw a photocopier out of the window in his fire drill panic.

2 — Endless Meetings

Image: NBC

When in doubt, crowd all of your The Office minifigures into the meeting room. Michael Scott is known for his useless meetings, so the staff of Dunder Mifflin found themselves stuck in his lectures more often than not.

You can even illustrate one of Michael’s infamous moments where he tried to sell his employees on a pyramid scene, with a pyramid diagram already made for you on the flipboard.

1 — Michael’s Proposal

Image: NBC

Michael Scott might be best remembered for his goofy and sometimes tactless antics, but his story came to an end in a heartwarming way. His proposal to Holly from HR will bring a tear to any viewer’s eye and it’s an easy one to recreate (even if you’ll need to add a twist).

Michael proposes in the Annexe, which isn’t included in 21336 The Office, but you can get the same effect by arranging all your minifigures in a long line leading to Michael at one end of the set. Instead of candles, place yellow or orange studs in your minifigures’ hands and you’ve got yourself a brick-built romantic setting, just waiting for Holly to walk through the door.

Get more inspiration for how to display 21336 The Office by looking at what references you might have missed, or dig into the set in more detail in our full review here. 21336 is on sale now in stores and on for £104.99 / $119.99 / €119.99.

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