Guess how much the LEGO Ulysses Space Probe is already going for on eBay

Missed out on the LEGO Ulysses Space Probe promo through the VIP Rewards Centre? No bother – the kind folks at eBay have your back, as long as you have very deep pockets.

As of 10.20am UK time today – just over an hour after the VIP reward went live, and the LEGO Group completely bungled its launch – at least four copies of the probe had already sold on eBay in the UK. One of those was snapped up for what now looks like a bargain price of £60, while another went for a mind-boggling £175.

If you want in on the action at this point, you’re looking at a minimum of £119.99 to buy one outright. Otherwise, you can hop on one of several auctions that are currently hovering around the £70 mark, but seem almost guaranteed to rocket past that number and into the stars – a phrase which here means ‘get very expensive’.

LEGO NASA Ulysses Space Probe eBay

One US auction has already reached $224 (roughly £163) despite the fact the Ulysses Space Probe hasn’t yet gone live in the States, while a very ambitious Australian seller has listed their copy of the promo at $999.99 AUD (approximately £555). That might be just a bit too silly for most.

Another UK seller is offering up a very tempting deal, bundling together the Ulysses Space Probe with this month’s Classic Space VIP Collectible Coin, which also disappeared from the VIP Rewards Centre within a matter of moments. That thematic pair can be yours for ‘just’ £300 (plus £2.50 postage, to add insult to injury).

Head over to eBay to check out this sorry state of affairs for yourself, then wonder why the most reputable company in the world would risk that reputation through these incredibly limited rewards.

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