Hall of Fame: Tallest Minifigure Scale Structure – updated

Hall of Fame may be a relatively new feature here at Brick Fanatics, but we already have a new title holder to replace one already commended. A little over a month ago we crowned a new Hall of Fame entrant, 10237 Tower of Orthanc which claimed the prize of tallest minifigure scale structure. Pegging in at 73cm (28″) high, Saruman’s soaring fortress is a truly impressive model – but it has been dethroned. A little bit of pixie dust has seen to that.


The recently released 71040 Disney Castle has outdone our previous entrant by one centimeter. Standing 74 cm (29”) tall, the spire reaches ever so slightly higher thanks to what will always be an Aquazone harpoon to many. Rendered in gold for this set, that piece is responsible for giving Mickey’s palace the edge. It really is amazing just how similar in height these two buildings are.


So in a first for Brick Fanatics we are officially dethroning 10237 Tower of Orthanc and crowning 71040 Disney Castle as our new champion. Both of these sets are amazing models, masterpieces in the LEGO portfolio, and tower above most other builds – but 71040 Disney Castle is the tallest minifigure scale structure.

Brick Fanatics Hall of Fame Honorees: 

Largest Piece – 7994 City Harbour’s Boat Hull 

Tallest Minifigure Scale Set – 10237 Tower of Orthanc

First System Set With Over 1000 Pieces – 6542 Launch and Load Seaport

Set with Most 2×4 Bricks – 3450 Statue of Liberty

Largest LEGO HQ – 7709 Sentai Headquarters

Tallest Minifigure Scale Set – 71040 The Disney Castle

Brick Fanatics Hall of Shame: 

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