Hospital uses LEGO to prepare children for treatment

A Belgian hospital is using a custom LEGO build to help prepare young patients for important therapy treatment by teaching them about the process.

Amongst other methods to enrich the experience, UZ Leuven, an academic hospital in Belgium has employed the use of LEGO in teaching its smaller guests about the procedures they are soon to go through. 

“It is important for children to stay calm during the radiation, to be able to execute the treatment as accurately as possible,” said Professor Tom Depuydt of UZ Leuven. “When they are less anxious because they know what is about to happen, we also need less anaesthesia.” 

UZ Leuven LEGO hospital treatment
Image: UZ Leuven

You can see the full set for yourself in the image above, which the hospital has had made specifically for use on campus to keep children calm before and during the process.  

“The building set will be a lifelong memory. I loved making it, it made the time in hospital go more quickly,” commented Emma, a patient at the proton therapy centre. “And my relatives can see for themselves where I’ve been going every day for six weeks.” 

It’s not the first time that LEGO has been used in a medical environment and it’s likely not the last. Past projects have included the Big LEGO Brick Hospital, which is raising funds for a specialist building. 

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Featured Image: UZ Leuven

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