How to dust-proof your LEGO IKEA Kallax display

The IKEA Kallax is great for displaying LEGO, books, collectibles, LEGO, rarities, LEGO and LEGO, and now – finally – it can be made dust-proof.

The cubed, square design of the IKEA Kallax storage system is one of the most iconic from the flat-pack giants, for its simplicity, usefulness and all-round effectiveness. Shelves can only look on in envy at the tidy, organised structure of a Kallax. It is one of the best ways to display your LEGO collection, or, if you don’t like LEGO, almost anything else of personal interest and pride.

The Kallax is one of the best ways to display anything, except for the very same reason any other area of the house isn’t any good at all – the dust. Kallaxes are open front and back in design and, for what that offers in access, light and style, it absolutely does not solve for those wanting to keep protected for dust and dirt the items they value most and otherwise want to put proudly on display.

In steps Wicked Brick with its LEGO Display Windows for IKEA Kallax. These are exactly what they sound like, offering a quick, convenient and effective fix for anyone looking to truly maximise the storage potential of their Kallax while protecting what’s inside from dust and dirt.

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We’ve taken a thorough look at the product and explained just why we love it in our in-depth review. Read that, order a dozen of them using our affiliate link (thank you!) and come back here for a quick step-by-step guide on how to install LEGO Display Windows for IKEA Kallax on to your IKEA Kallax.

Step 1 – Unbox and unwrap

The LEGO Display Windows for IKEA Kallax arrive tightly and securely packaged. Each piece of Perspex acrylic plastic is covered in a tight protective film, then the pieces are carefully taped together, wrapped in cardboard then placed in a delivery box surrounded by more protective packaging. It means there’s a lot to dig through to get to the windows, but it guarantees they’ll be in perfect condition and ready to use.

Step 2 – Measure out the brackets

The windows are connected to the Kallax using two brackets that you install on to the inside edge of the cube you want to protect.

The first step to installing these brackets is to measure out how far from the edge of the cube you would like the window and frame to sit. The window and frame are a total of 6mm thick (window and frame are separate pieces, each measuring 3mm), so if you would like the outside of the frame to sit plush to the edge of the Kallax, then mark out in pencil a line 6mm deep on either side of the selected cube.

It’s up to you how deep or not you place the window, but make sure that you measure the same distance for both sides, so that the window will attach straight and flat.

You don’t need to measure out anything else, as the brackets otherwise sit automatically aligned to the top of the Kallax cube – just make sure to push them all the way to the top and to keep them square.

Step 3 – Attach the magnets

Before sticking down the magnets, make sure to attach the small magnets to them at a right angle. It’s easier to place them into position now than when the brackets are stuck to the Kallax.

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Step 4 – Stick down the brackets

Once you have determined the position of the brackets and squeezed the magnets into them, attach each bracket to the inside of the Kallax using the Command Strips.

These double-sided sticky-tapes are strong in attachment but also easy to remove should you not be happy with their position. Keep in mind, though, that removing them reduces their stickiness, as they aren’t re-usable, so you would likely need to replace them if you take them off and on again too often.

Step 5 – Attach the window and frame

Once the brackets are secure, place the window and frame into position using the magnets. The magnets are small but the connection is strong!

The process for installing backing plates to an IKEA Kallax is exactly the same.

Step 6 – Enjoy!

Sit back and take in your LEGO collection on full display in its own, Kallax-converted display unit, safe in the knowledge that it is protected from dust and dirt!

LEGO Display Windows for IKEA Kallax are available now at Wicked Brick priced at £14.99 / $20.12 / €18.02 each. There are options to add a second clear window for a total price of £28.99, or a plain blanking plate of the same colour as the frame for a combined price of £22.99. Plain backing plates are also available to purchase separately for a cost of £9.99. Click through to Wicked Brick to browse the full range now.

This product was provided by Wicked Brick for review purposes – opinions and editorial remain our own.

Support the work that Brick Fanatics does by purchasing your LEGO display windows via our affiliate links with Wicked Brick – thank you!

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    You can buy the class doors from IKEA directly. Much easier and cheaper than this solution. The one from IKEA also comes with a removable shelf.

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