How to get a job with LEGO bricks from an ex-designer

A former LEGO designer has explained different ways that you can turn your hobby with bricks into a full-time job.

Those wondering how you might spin your passion for LEGO into a career might have the answer you’ve been looking for thanks to Tiago Caratino’s new video. For anyone who is unaware, Tiago is a former model designer for the LEGO Group and should have more than enough experience in this department.

You can watch the video for yourself below, with explained options including official and less-direct positions.

As detailed in the video, the most obvious avenue for turning a love of bricks into a career is to become a designer at the LEGO Group, though you could also build models for a living as a master model builder at a LEGOLAND park.

Other covered options including reselling or investing in sets and bricks, though such things might require knowledge or expertise beyond building with LEGO bricks.

Alternatively, you could became a content creator similar to those on YouTube or even Brick Fanatics, turning your passion into content that others can watch, read or otherwise enjoy.

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