Jurassic Park actor comments on inclusion in a huge LEGO set

Sam Neill, actor for Alan Grant in the Jurassic Park franchise has commented on his missing cameo in 75936 Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage.

For those confused by the fact that 75936 Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage does include a minifigure of Alan Grant, as well as the rest of the movie’s main cast, the actor does not find an issue with the minifigure but was signing a copy of the set for charity when he discovered a strange discrepancy on the layout.

At the rear of the box, depictions of the minifigures in their appropriate scene recreations are shown alongside pictures of the characters, and by extension the actors. However, the very bottom shows Alan Grant positioned next to a porcelain portrait, rather than one of Sam Neill from the movie.

The actor took to Twitter to share his comments on this design, with him seemingly not impressed by the design choice. LEGO designers and the LEGO Group’s Twitter account were quick to respond, apologising for the decision and blaming it on a delinquent T. rex.

The actual reason for the toilet’s inclusion on the back of the box is likely a reference to the lawyer who became the unfortunate meal of a dinosaur in the movie but still sticks out compared to the organised imagery in every row above it.

Whilst LEGO 75936 Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage may be sold out worldwide and retirement is on the horizon for the massive model, you can still dig into our in-depth review while we wait and see if the set is restocked before the end of the year.

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