Limited-edition LEGO 10302 Optimus Prime display cases coming to Wicked Brick

LEGO display specialist Wicked Brick is about to launch two limited-edition Display Cases for 10302 Optimus Prime, and they probably won’t last long.

Limited to just 250 and 750 units respectively, the Collector’s Edition and Lenticular Edition Display Cases are uniquely numbered – and will never be available again once they’ve sold out. That means you’ll likely need to be on the button when they go on sale to have the best chance of securing one, and giving your brand new LEGO Transformers set the display it deserves.

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10302 Optimus Prime rolled out at the beginning of June, marking the first-ever collaboration between the LEGO Group and industry rival Hasbro. You can find out more about how that happened by checking out our interview with lead designer Joseph Patrick Kyde, who assembled 10302 Optimus Prime after working on Transformers toys at Hasbro. (That’s what they call synergy.)

Wicked Brick’s 3D lenticular background is inspired by the 1986 classic The Transformers: The Movie, reflecting the LEGO set’s G1 design, and is available as part of the Lenticular Edition display case. The entire kit (both case and background) will cost £89.99, and there’s a cut-out in the base to display Optimus Prime’s info plaque.

The Collector’s Edition case, meanwhile, features a unique mirrored background, created by applying a print of the iconic Transformers grid pattern to a mirrored Perspex sheet. It’s topped off with a raised gloss finish to best reflect the mighty Autobot standing in front of it. Like the Lenticular Edition, this display case and background will retail for £89.99.

Both limited-edition Display Cases for 10302 Optimus Prime will go on sale on Wednesday, July 13 at 7pm UK time. There will be 250 Collector’s Edition cases and 750 Lenticular Edition cases available, and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Click here to buy your LEGO 10302 Optimus Prime display case from Wicked Brick.

If you’re yet to secure a copy of 10302 Optimus Prime, now’s the time to do so. It’s still available at for £149.99 / $169.99 / €169.99, and worth every penny, as you can discover in our detailed review.

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