LEGO Technic 42154 2022 Ford GT designer protected set ‘like a guard dog’

The biggest LEGO Ford GT model’s designer has revealed their passion for the model, even going so far as to protect it like a guard dog.

42154 2022 Ford GT, the largest of the upcoming March 2023 LEGO Technic sets, is available soon and during a roundtable interview with designer Milan Reindl, their passion for this new model as a proper recreation of the iconic car has been made clear.

“You know, when I started here almost 11 years ago one of the things on my bucket list was to design a Ford Mustang, and the other one was Ford GT of any kind,” Milan told Brick Fanatics.

The Ford Mustang has plenty of LEGO recreations thanks to Speed Champions’ 75884 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback, Creator Expert’s 10265 Ford Mustang and even Technic’s own 42138 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500.


However, the Ford GT has, until now, been limited to two Speed Champions depictions at a smaller scale than is necessary to fully capture its iconic details, as Milan explains, “The smaller you go in the scale, the worse it gets in capturing all the features and surfaces, which are extremely difficult on the bodywork of the Ford GT.”

With this new opportunity for LEGO Technic, Milan was eager to tick off another item on his bucket list.

“When we got the opportunity to work on the Ford GT, I just jumped at it, and I was protecting it like a guard dog basically barking at everyone who got even close and might try to steal it from me.

“This is one of my biggest passion points. I tried to do it justice as much as I could, I rebuilt all the sections, so many times, trying to improve them, make them more stable, make them look closer to the real thing.”

As noted in our review of 42154 2022 Ford GT, it’s a high-quality build and knowing that the designer had such passion for the project highlights some of its best features, including the functional butterfly doors.

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