LEGO Marvel 76248 The Avengers Quinjet review

Continuing the series of display-centric LEGO Marvel sets, 76248 The Avengers Quinjet delivers an accurate and engaging model of the iconic aircraft – as long as you don’t look inside.

When 76193 The Guardians’ Ship launched in 2021, it stood out from the crowd of Marvel models for its included display stand, an item that made the massive build much easier to pose. What seemed to be a one-off experience at the time has now become a collection, as 76248 The Avengers Quinjet continues the concept and revisits a vehicle first depicted over a decade ago.

In 2012, 6869 Quinjet Aerial Battle launched as one of the first LEGO Marvel sets based on the initial Avengers movie. 11 years and 24 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies later, this version of the Quinjet is back with an all-new creation and offers some exclusive and desirable minifigures too. Though it may look simple, this jet is anything but plain – for the most part.

— LEGO Marvel 76248 The Avengers Quinjet set details —

Theme: LEGO Marvel Set name: 76248 The Avengers Quinjet Release: January 1, 2023


Price: £89.99 / $99.99 / €99.99 Pieces: 795 Minifigures: 5

LEGO: Available now

— Where to buy LEGO Marvel 76248 The Avengers Quinjet

LEGO Marvel 76248 The Avengers Quinjet might include a display stand, but that doesn’t mean it should be any more complicated to acquire than your standard Marvel models. It’s available at, in LEGO Stores and at other retailers now for £89.99 / $99.99 / €99.99.

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— LEGO Marvel 76248 The Avengers Quinjet build —

Borrowing much of the design from 76193 The Guardians’ Ship, the display stand in 76248 The Avengers Quinjet is an excellent addition to the set and an absolute necessity for future flying LEGO Marvel vehicles of this size. It can be angled however you so choose, and the Quinjet can be easily, effectively and safely posed in any direction. Its sleek and unobtrusive design doesn’t draw away from the Quinjet either, and it’s evident that this new concept is a success following its debut in 2021.

Adjusting the angle is easy, but make sure you take the Quinjet off the stand first. A small square hole in the foundation of the vehicle holds it in place, but this doesn’t interfere with the interior or any other aspect of the build apart from the bottom, which you won’t see most of the time anyway.

The stand allows for some especially interesting angles of 76248 The Avengers Quinjet, but without the turntable in 76193 The Guardians’ Ship. The Quinjet isn’t exactly light, so its removal may have been down to the model’s stability, but it’s missed all the same. However, the limited but versatile angles afforded by the display stand allow you to appreciate the details in 76248 The Avengers Quinjet with each new position.

Details in this Quinjet creation are simple but mostly accurate to the appearance of the vehicle as seen in The Avengers. The under-wing rotors stick out further than we would have liked but the ability to rotate them couldn’t have been easily facilitated otherwise. Combined with the display stand’s posing options and you have an opportunity, or perhaps an invitation, to depict dozens of airborne scenes from the early days of the MCU.

Compared to older LEGO models of the Quinjet, there are a few new features to take note of. These include the Gatling Gun that can unfold from the bottom of the vehicle, landing gear that retracts into the main build without looking out of place and even an extra sheet of stickers featuring the Avengers insignia, instead of a S.H.I.E.L.D. livery.

We opted for the S.H.I.E.L.D. stickers for our version of 76248 The Avengers Quinjet, but the addition of Avengers-specific designs is an appreciated detail that makes complete sense in this set and further expands the options of how you can display it. However, it’s not all good news. While we love the inclusion of an extra sheet of stickers, removing those already attached to the bricks is difficult and will likely damage them beyond repair, causing them never to stick the same again.

While that’s the unfortunate nature of LEGO stickers ,this could have been remedied with an extra piece for each of the bonus stickers to more easily switch them out. That would include four larger elements but it would have only required around 20 more pieces in total, and allowed you to change the design of 76248 The Avengers Quinjet without damaging one sheet of stickers or having to find a place to store the other designs.

The interior of 76248 The Avengers Quinjet is mostly lacklustre, to say the least. The cockpit has room for two minifigures, three stickers for the controls, and transparent elements providing a comprehensive view of the pilot’s surroundings. In general, it more than suffices and even has a space leading back towards the main section of the aircraft.

However, that’s where the details stop. Other than clips for four accessories and six brown seats, there’s nothing in the vast majority of the interior in 76248 The Avengers Quinjet. A few wedge bricks on the edges and stickers or transparent elements for computers or other readouts would have been very much appreciated, and it’s unfortunate that such a big part of the set is lacking in this way – even if it’s not directly on show.

— LEGO Marvel 76248 The Avengers Quinjet characters —

The minifigures in 76248 The Avengers Quinjet are undoubtedly a highlight of the set, with some exclusive pieces that are versatile or otherwise desirable. Five are included which feels fair for the size of the set and almost completes the main cast from the 2012 film, with Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow and loki in the box. While this would have been a great opportunity for a new Hawkeye minifigure based on The Avengers, the lack of one more character doesn’t take away from the overall quality of the set.

Loki reuses the same helmet from 2012’s 6869 Quinjet Aerial Battle, but with an updated gold hue. This piece has been relatively common ever since its debut and it still works great for this part of Loki’s iconic outfit. The rest of the printing and the cape is a good match to The Avengers as well, and the alternate head print with the muzzle is brand-new for 76248 The Avengers Quinjet. The damaged scuffs complete this excellent design, and the decade-long wait for this fully-realised minifigure has been well worth it.

Black Widow’s new arm printing with the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo is a fantastic detail too, and we can see this design being reused for other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents outside of 76248 The Avengers Quinjet. Hair pieces are included for Loki and Iron Man, further expanding the display options with this set.

— LEGO Marvel 76248 The Avengers Quinjet price —

At £89.99 / $99.99 / €99.99, LEGO Marvel 76248 The Avengers Quinjet is a great size and while the lacklustre interior is an unfortunate aspect of this model, the majority of the experience feels worth the asking price. For Marvel enthusiasts, there are enough details from the iconic Marvel Cinematic Universe vehicle to appreciate post-assembly.

As with most models, more details and another minifigure for the price would be great, but in the case of 76248 The Avengers Quinjet, it doesn’t feel entirely necessary. So long as you can get over the disappointing interior and decide which stickers you want to apply and never remove them, 76248 The Avengers Quinjet feels like good, but not necessarily great, value.

— LEGO Marvel 76248 The Avengers Quinjet pictures —

— LEGO Marvel 76248 The Avengers Quinjet pros and cons —

76248 The Avengers Quinjet takes a decade-old design and focuses on accurately recreating a Marvel Cinematic Universe icon – for the most part. It’s clear that the exterior was the focus of this LEGO Marvel set and there’s little to complain about, as even the all-grey design is entirely accurate to The Avengers. There are a few moments where the set doesn’t fully live up to its potential but for those who intend to display this model, you won’t be disappointed with the experience for the asking price.

76248 The Avengers Quinjet pros76248 The Avengers Quinjet cons
It’s the most accurate LEGO Quinjet yetExtra stickers but nowhere to place them without damaging the others
Sturdy and versatile display stand A disappointing interior compared to the accurate exterior
The included minifigures are excellent

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— Alternatives to LEGO Marvel 76248 The Avengers Quinjet

LEGO Marvel 76248 The Avengers Quinjet is the only LEGO Quinjet currently available, but a few other Marvel superhero teams have their own vehicles. As we’ve mentioned a few times in this review, 76193 The Guardians’ Ship is the closest alternative to 76248 The Avengers Quinjet, complete with a display stand.

Otherwise, the retired but still available (at the time of writing) 76156 Rise of the Domo is another solid flying LEGO Marvel vehicle for a team of superheroes at the same price as 76248 The Avengers Quinjet. However, it isn’t quite as displayable as either 76248 The Avengers Quinjet or 76193 The Guardians’ Ship.

— LEGO Marvel 76248 The Avengers Quinjet FAQs —

How long does it take to build LEGO Marvel 76248 The Avengers Quinjet?

It took us an hour and 35 minutes to put 76248 The Avengers Quinjet together, but you might take a bit longer to decide which sheet of stickers you want to apply – Avengers or S.H.I.E.L.D.

How many pieces are in LEGO Marvel 76248 The Avengers Quinjet?

795 pieces are included in 76248 The Avengers Quinjet, which make up the Quinjet, the display stand, five minifigures and some additional accessories.

How big is LEGO Marvel 76248 The Avengers Quinjet?

76248 The Avengers Quinjet measures 14cm high, 34cm long and 35cm wide with wheels extended and wings folded. With the display stand, add an extra 10cm to the height but it will depend on how you angle the jet, as will the width and length.

How much does LEGO Marvel 76248 The Avengers Quinjet cost?

LEGO Marvel 76248 The Avengers Quinjet costs £89.99 / $99.99 / €99.99 and that price feels fair for the volume of the model and its interesting minifigures – even with a lacklustre interior, since it’s not going to be on show most of the time.

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