LEGO Alice in Wonderland set revealed for Bricktober 2021

The final

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Bricktober 2021 set has been officially revealed as a vignette of Alice in Wonderland, completing the four-strong line-up of
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fairy tales.

The Brick Fan has published images of the complete collection of Bricktober sets launching in the Asia-Pacific region from later this month, which also includes display models of Hansel and Gretel, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Little Red Riding Hood.

Those three sets will be available for free with purchases of $69 at Toys R Us throughout October, while the Alice in Wonderland model is said to be coming through another, as-yet-unconfirmed retailer.

As revealed earlier this week, 6384696 Hansel and Gretel will be available from September 24 to October 7; 6384695 Jack and the Beanstalk will run from October 8 to 15; and 6384693 Little Red Riding Hood will then follow from October 16 through 24. If Alice in Wonderland follows the same pattern, expect it to be available from October 25 into November.

Based on previous Bricktober promotions, it seems unlikely that these fairy tale models will launch in the rest of the world. That’s seemingly at odds with the LEGO Group’s promise to abandon regional exclusives, the exceptions to which are gifts-with-purchase, pilot projects,

/LEGO House products, and event sets – none of which really apply to Bricktober.

For a closer look at three of the four Bricktober 2021 sets, including their unusual packaging, click here.

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