LEGO Architecture 40585 World of Wonders is a mix of old and new

The first LEGO Architecture set of 2023 – 40585 World of Wonders – reveals a mix of old and new landmarks for the theme and the wider portfolio. 

Revealed earlier today with the first images, 40584 World of Wonders is a possible gift-with-purchase for LEGO Architecture and the initial release for the theme in 2023. In design, it’s similar to 40563 Tribute to LEGO House with four landmarks on black bases with a nameplate, though the latter aspect is a longstanding feature of LEGO Archicture. 

Despite the first image not being of the highest quality, it’s clear which landmark each build is supposed to be, revealing a mix of familiar and fresh locations for enthusiasts of the theme. 

4 – The Great Wall of China 

The section of the Great Wall of China represented in 40585 World of Wonders matches up with half of the official LEGO Architecture model, 21041 Great Wall of China, from 2018. In that set, two towers ascending a slope were included while the build in 40585 World of Wonders only has one.  


However, both models have the ability to combine with multiple copies to create a longer wall, though provided 40585 World of Wonders is a GWP, it might be easier to source the extra pieces separately. 40654 Beijing Postcard from 2022 also includes a smaller section of the Great Wall of China, though it’s not part of LEGO Architecture

3 – Al-Khazneh 

There are no official LEGO sets depicting Al-Khazneh, making this the first model for the landmark ever. However, one creative mind nearly beat the design team to the punch with a project in the second 2022 LEGO Ideas review 

Thepredisent‘s The Treasury – Petra is currently being reviewed by the LEGO Ideas team for a chance at becoming a future set and with this build submitted to the platform in July 2020, there’s a chance that this project was designed before the official model in 40585 World of Wonders. However, it’s not official yet making this new landmark new territory for the LEGO Group. 

2 – Taj Mahal 

The Taj Mahal is one of the most familiar landmarks for the LEGO Group’s designers in 40585 World of Wonders with Architecture’s 21056 Taj Mahal released in 2021. 

However, before this Architecture recreation the massive 10189 Taj Mahal was launched in 2008 and then relaunched as 10256 Taj Mahal in 2017. This makes the model in 40585 World of Wonders the third depiction of the building in LEGO and the fourth LEGO set of it counting 10256 Taj Mahal

1 – The Parthenon 

There are no LEGO Architecture sets of the Parthenon, making 40585 World of Wonders evenly split between new and familiar depictions. However, LEGO Atlantis’ 7985 City of Atlantis featured a temple facade with a similar design, paying homage to Greek architecture

While not representing the specific Parthenon landmark, there is a LEGO Ideas project currently in review featuring Greek architecture – HP_Brixxter’s Ancient Greek Temple, also in the second 2022 review. 

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