Reminder: LEGO BrickLink Designer Program Round 2 starts this month

There’s just over a week to go until the second round of crowdfunding for the LEGO BrickLink Designer Program gets underway.

Launched to give rejected LEGO Ideas 10K projects a second chance at finding their way into fans’ homes, the BrickLink Designer Program had a rocky start in its first round over the summer. The LEGO Group accidentally sold 10,000 copies of 910001 The Castle in the Forest, and subsequently had to reopen pre-orders for the rest of its initial batch of sets.

Following feedback from the community, it’s since implemented further changes ahead of Round 2, including limiting pre-orders to one set per user. As in the first round, though, only the first five of the nine sets in this latest batch to hit 3,000 pre-orders will go into production. A total of 10,000 copies of each successful set will then be available to order.

This is a more expensive round than the last one, simply by virtue of the majority of its models coming in at much higher piece counts. Here’s a full rundown of every single project available to back this time:

The Mountain Windmill – 2,085 pieces, $179.99
Modular LEGO Store – 2,149 pieces, $179.99
Seasons in Time: Calendar – 3,010 pieces, $249.99
Retro Bowling Alley – 2,779 pieces, $229.99
Brickwest Studios – 3,741 pieces, $279.99
Ruined House – 4,002 pieces, $299.99
Clockwork Aquarium – 874 pieces, $64.99
Quest Builder – 3,415 pieces, $259.99
Science Adventures – 414 pieces, $35.99

The second round of crowdfunding will begin at 8pm GMT / 12pm PST /  9pm CET on November 9. You’ll have until the same time on December 14 to pre-order any of the five successful projects.

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