LEGO Bricktales came from a pitch for LEGO Bridge Constructor

The head of technology at LEGO Games has revealed that a pitch for LEGO Bridge Constructor gave way to what has become LEGO Bricktales. 

Anders Tankred Holm, once a platform architect at the LEGO Group, now head of technology at LEGO Games, is featured as a guest on the latest episode of the Bits N’ Bricks podcast. As part of the discussion, he revealed that during the interview process for a LEGO Games job, he came up with a pitch for LEGO Bridge Constructor. 

Bridge Constructor is a series of games developed by ClockStone and published by Headup Games, with the title asking players to build bridges and solve puzzles. There’s been a surprising number of licensed entries in this series, including The Walking Dead and portal, so a partnership with the LEGO Group might not have been out of the question. 

“I understood that taking Bridge Constructor, and calling it LEGO Bridge Constructor, might be too nerdy, too difficult, essentially,” explained Anders. 


“There was no dialogue with Headup or ClockStone from Bridge Constructor. It was all just me stealing images from Google and photoshopping LEGO bricks into their visuals, so it was all fakes. 

“But if I remember correctly, I think my key points were that LEGO Games should be all about building with bricks. It should be about problem-solving, about having fun with failing and to keep iterating your idea or your solution, which is all about these physical puzzle games where you build brick-by-brick or piece-by-piece, you constantly press play to see if you fail, and if you fail, you find it hilarious, you find it funny. 

“What I suggested was essentially not the right solution, because I essentially pitched to do the same thing as they did with Bridge Constructor Portal, which is a great game, but would not have been as fitting with LEGO content. But what I suggested was LEGO Bridge Constructor, so a literal 2.5D building game for LEGO bridges in a LEGO CITY environment.” 

While the pitch wasn’t accepted, this idea of a LEGO puzzle game would eventually be adapted into LEGO Bricktales, with Clockstone returning to develop the game, which is now available to play on consoles and PC. 

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