Black Adam is ripe for LEGO DC sets despite pushing PG-13 rating

Despite reports that Black Adam pushes its PG-13 rating with excessive violence, the film is ripe for LEGO DC sets based on vehicles and locations. 

Note that this article contains spoilers for Black Adam, but we won’t be covering any major plot developments. 

Black Adam – in cinemas now – is the latest entry into the DCEU, a cinematic universe that occasionally receives LEGO sets. There are no official LEGO Black Adam models, which may be explained by reports of the film’s excessive violence and a rating that it may be pushing the boundaries. 

However, that’s not to say the film doesn’t provide good inspiration for LEGO models, as an array of interesting vehicles and locations are asking for brick-built depictions. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that any of these will ever see the light of day. 


3 – Kahndaq Palace 

The palace at the heart of the country of Kahndaq is depicted mostly in its ruined form in the movie, but it serves as a centrepiece for a few confrontations. Without going into major spoiler territory, the ruins could serve as a good backdrop for a minifigure-centric model such as 76213 Namor’s Throne Room, perhaps including characters to depict multiple scenes.

2 – Fly bikes 

Image: TaurooAldebaran via DC

Featured heavily during a chase sequence, these smaller fly bikes – as they are named in the soundtrack – are used by Intergang and have the ability to phase through solid objects while boosting. Their size compared to characters make them the perfect size for a small to medium-sized set, depending on how many are included. 

1 – Hawk Cruiser 

Image: Warner Bros. Picture

The Justice Society, not to be confused with the other DCEU superhero team, uses a large jet in the film that can separate its cockpit from the main body as a smaller jet. As well as featuring a full interior and opening hatches to launch heroes while in flight, there are plenty of functions that could be packed into a bigger LEGO DC set. 

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