LEGO City 60214 Burger Bar Fire Rescue review

Can Burger Bar Fire Rescue 60214 set the LEGO City theme on fire or is it a damp squib?

Price: £24.99/ $39.99/ €29.99  Pieces: 327  Available: Now

60214 Burger Bar Fire Rescue includes a bright red fire engine, a fire motorbike and a burger bar, complete with condiment accessories and a giant flaming burger. The set contains 327 pieces spread across three bags and, unusually for a set of this size and target age range, there are also three instruction manuals. The builds

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LEGO City sets based around the brave world of fire-fighting go all the way back to 1978. Throughout those years many designs, techniques and styles have come and gone but not until this current wave have fans been able to put out LEGO flames in such an ingenious way. Included within this set is a brand new play feature, a squeezable pump that pushes out a series of telescopic trans-light blue poles to simulate water. Never before have younger builders (and indeed older ones too) had the opportunity to feel like a real hero firefighter until now.

That’s not the only thing new in this set. The motorbike in red is new to the City theme this year (only appearing in 76055 Batman Killer Croc Sewer Smash). It’s a simple design consisting of two single pieces for the chassis and body, with stickers adding LEGO City Fire Department decals and a trans-blue 1×1 slope used for a siren. It’s very straight forward but as an added vehicle it’s a pretty decent inclusion.

The fire engine build in 60214 Burger Bar Fire Rescue is actually a very satisfying process. It feels like a classic LEGO build and that is never a bad thing. Young fans new to the LEGO City theme will love the building experience and older fans will feel right at home with the techniques.

As is the case with each passing year, new parts and new techniques help to build upon designs. In this set the black 1×2 ingots used for rear mirrors and the left and right 1×2 bow pieces help to further enhance the detailing on the engine.

The overall look of the engine is great and the play features are excellent. The entire back, which is built on top of tile pieces, swivels around. It feels fluid and is very satisfying to use. Despite the size of the new water pump piece it looks completely in keeping with the model and the way it lifts up and down is also surprisingly smooth.

The burger bar itself is a little on the simple side and its appearance does feel slightly unfinished. Some detailing at the front of the 16×8 plate might have solved this and helped to cover some of the exposed studs.

The inside detailing feels better, the grill and extractor and the sliding window are great features. The bar contains some neat accessories, a lime green 1×1 brick printed with a pineapple juice box and the 1×1 round bricks with 1×1 white plates with holes look excellent as condiment bottles. The stickers are also extremely well done.

The giant flaming burger sub assembly is an excellent design and the flames, that can be knocked down by the water pump, work perfectly. Finally there is a small burning trash can included to complete the set.

Fans who are used to the fire-fighting sub theme won’t find anything new with the minifigures (there hasn’t been a significant update since 2013) however new fans will love the detail and accessories included. The breathing apparatus in particular is very well designed and looks excellent when placed onto a minifigure.

Also, new to this year, the axe accessory is a thing of beauty. It is gorgeously painted, but compared with the simple plain white brick built fire extinguisher it does look a bit jarring – though it is hard to really criticise something for being too good.

The chef minifigure is very plain and simplistic, almost disappointingly so, but luckily his panicked alternative expression is excellent.

Fire fighting sets are such a staple of LEGO City that this just feels like a vintage LEGO experience. Fun and varied builds, nice minifigures, great accessories and with the addition of the new water pump play feature there are even more play opportunities on offer too. Coming in at a third of the price of the much larger 60216 Downtown Fire Brigade, this set is incredibly good value for money.

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