LEGO Classic Knight Minifigure 2016 vs 1986

The promotional exclusive for the first part of July at and LEGO Stores is set 5004419 Classic Knights Minifigure. Having acquired mine and built it my mind quickly turned to how the included figure compared to his namesake from the 80s.

Classic Knight-13

I have never been sure if this crest represents Crusaders or Lion Knights. There appears to be some overlap so maybe the LEGO Group didn’t mean for them to be distinct. In either case, I have a bunch of these guys from my childhood, so down to the basement I went to dig through my (many) bins of sets for an example.
Classic Knight-10
Set up side by side the distinction of 5004419’s minifigure becomes immediately apparent. We have had two other classic figure sets in as many years but neither of them were exact copies of their predecessors. The spaceman had a modern helmet and the pirate had the modern head wrap. This guy though, he is spot on – every piece on him matches.

Classic Knight-11
While the parts are the same there are differences. First, the size of the graphic on his torso and shield is slightly thicker and a different size. The helmet and legs are also a different colour than I remember most of mine being – but LEGO wasn’t as consistent back then, pants and helmet colors would differ from set to set across a subtheme. Bravo to the LEGO Group for such a close throwback.

Classic Knight-12


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