LEGO CMF Series 15 details found

Our French buddies Hoth Bricks have once again done some detecive work and found details of the new series of the LEGO Collectable Minifigures. This will be series 15 in the very popular series the list below has been roughly translated from French as the list originates from The new series is due in early 2016 so no doubt we could see them around Xmas.

  • Queen
  • Animal Control Chief
  • Jewel Thief
  • Tribal Woman
  • Street Danced
  • Wheel Warrior
  • Wildlife
  • Scary Knight
  • Wrestling Champion
  • Shark Costume
  • Clumsy man
  • Kendo Warrior
  • Astronaut
  • Robot
  • Concierge
  • Farmer

Some make senses others sound very vagu but no doubt more details will be forthcoming soon. Thanks to those emailed me news managed to find wifi connection at the farm I’m visiting with my daughter 🙂

Image thanks to promobricks



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