LEGO Cyber Monday deals in 2022

Thank you for joining us for Cyber Monday 2022 in pursuit of the best LEGO Cyber Monday deals – as the wait for LEGO Cyber Monday 2023 begins, keep track through the rest of the year of the very latest and best LEGO deals here.
Brick Fanatics LEGO Cyber Monday featured

Cyber Monday in 2022 takes place on November 28 – with Black Friday 2022 running from November 25 to November 28 – and provides a late, great window of opportunity to pick up some amazing LEGO Black Friday deals towards the close of the Black Friday shopping event.

Click on these retailer links to see what’s available at each one. You can also see the best and latest LEGO deals in a broader sense on this page.


Best LEGO Cyber Monday deals

Here’s a quick look at all the best LEGO Cyber Monday deals for 2022.

Latest LEGO Cyber Monday deals

We’ll be keeping track of all the latest LEGO Cyber Monday deals in this table, so check back regularly to make sure you don’t miss out.

CountryThemeLEGO Cyber Monday setRRPCyber Monday priceCyber Monday savingLinkSaving
UK flagIcons10299 Real Madrid – Santiago Bernabéu Stadium£344.99£275.9920%Buy now£69.00
UK flagIcons10302 Optimus Prime£159.99£127.9920%Buy now£32.00
UK flagArchitecture21058 Great Pyramid of Giza£119.99£95.9920%Buy now£24.00
UK flagIdeas21328 Seinfeld£69.99£48.9930%Buy now£21.00
UK flagArt31204 Elvis Presley “The King”£104.99£73.4930%Buy now£31.50
UK flagArt31206 The Rolling Stones£129.99£103.9920%Buy now£26.00
UK flagOther40179 Mosaic Maker£99.99£74.9925%Buy now£25.00
UK flagIcons40516 Everyone is Awesome£30.99£24.7920%Buy now£6.20
UK flagStar Wars40557 Defence of Hoth£13.49£8.0940%Buy now£5.40
UK flagFriends41703 Friendship Tree House£69.99£55.9920%Buy now£14.00
UK flagTechnic42126 Ford F-150 Raptor£124.99£87.4930%Buy now£37.50
UK flagTechnic42141 McLaren Formula 1 Race Car£169.99£135.9920%Buy now£34.00
UK flagVIDIYO43114 Punk Pirate Ship£59.99£29.9950%Buy now£30.00
UK flagMINDSTORMS51515 Robot Inventor£314.99£251.9920%Buy now£63.00
UK flagStar Wars75325 The Mandalorian’s N-1 Starfighter£59.99£47.9920%Buy now£12.00
UK flagMarvel76155 In Arishem’s Shadow£59.99£41.9930%Buy now£18.00
UK flagMarvel76211 Shuri’s Sunbird£44.99£35.9920%Buy now£9.00
UK flagMarvel76214 Black Panther: War on the Water£79.99£63.9920%Buy now£16.00
UK flagBatman76238 Classic TV Series Batman Cowl£54.99£38.4930%Buy now£16.50
UK flagHarry Potter76393 Harry Potter & Hermione Granger£114.99£80.4930%Buy now£34.50
UK flagMonkie Kid80023 Monkie Kid’s Team Dronecopter£114.99£80.4930%Buy now£34.50
UK flagMonkie Kid80031 Mei’s Dragon Car£34.99£24.4930%Buy now£10.50
US flagIcons10302 Optimus Prime$179.99$152.9915%Buy now$27.00
US flagIcons40516 Everyone is Awesome$34.99$24.4930%Buy now$10.50
US flagMarvel40525 Endgame Battle$14.99$11.9920%Buy now$3.00
US flagFriends41706 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar$34.99$24.4930%Buy now$10.50
US flagMINDSTORMS51515 Robot Inventor$359.99$287.9920%Buy now$72.00
US flagCity60345 Farmers Market Van$44.99$31.4930%Buy now$13.50
US flagStar Wars75299 Trouble on Tatooine$29.99$20.9930%Buy now$9.00
US flagStar Wars75306 Imperial Probe Droid$59.99$47.9920%Buy now$12.00
US flagStar Wars75334 Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Darth Vader$49.99$42.4915%Buy now$7.50
US flagStar Wars75340 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar$44.99$31.4930%Buy now$13.50
US flagStar Wars75343 Dark Trooper Helmet$69.99$55.9920%Buy now$14.00
US flagMarvel76155 In Arishem’s Shadow$59.99$47.9920%Buy now$12.00
US flagBatman76183 Batcave: The Riddler Face-off$79.99$63.9920%Buy now$16.00
US flagMarvel76205 Gargantos Showdown$29.99$20.9930%Buy now$9.00
US flagMarvel76231 Guardians of the Galaxy Advent Calendar$44.99$35.9920%Buy now$9.00
US flagBatman76238 Classic TV Series Batman Cowl$59.99$47.9920%Buy now$12.00
US flagHarry Potter76393 Harry Potter & Hermione Granger$119.99$71.9940%Buy now$48.00
US flagHarry Potter76404 LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar$44.99$35.9920%Buy now$9.00
US flagSpeed Champions76903 Chevrolet Corvette C8.R Race Car and 1969 Chevrolet Corvette$29.99$20.9930%Buy now$9.00
US flagMonkie Kid80031 Mei’s Dragon Car$49.99$39.9920%Buy now$10.00
Zavvi LEGO Black Friday deals 1200x200 0001 ZAVVI
CountryLEGO themeLEGO setRRPBlack Friday priceBlack Friday savingLink
UK flagStar Wars75192 Millennium Falcon£734.99£599.9918%Buy now
UK flagHarry Potter71043 Hogwarts Castle£409.99£329.9920%Buy now
UK flagTechnic42131 App-Controlled Cat D11 Bulldozer£429.99£289.9933%Buy now
UK flagStar Wars75309 Republic Gunship£344.99£284.9917%Buy now
UK flagTechnic42083 Bugatti Chiron£319.99£274.9914%Buy now
UK flagTechnic42143 Ferrari Daytona SP3£389.99£259.9933%Buy now
UK flagTechnic42115 Lamborghini Sián FKP 37£389.99£239.9938%Buy now
UK flagIdeas21330 Home Alone£259.99£229.9912%Buy now
UK flagSuper Mario71411 The Mighty Bowser£229.99£149.9935%Buy now
UK flagTechnic42114 6×6 Volvo Articulated Hauler£229.99£189.9917%Buy now
UK flagStar Wars75308 R2-D2£209.99£169.9919%Buy now
UK flagMarvel76218 Sanctum Sanctorum£214.99£144.9933%Buy now
UK flagIcons10274 Ghostbusters ECTO-1£209.99£164.9921%Buy now
UK flagTechnic42130 BMW M 1000 RR£214.99£159.9926%Buy now
UK flagIcons10300 Back to the Future Time Machine£169.99£139.9918%Buy now
UK flagTechnic10295 Porsche 911£149.99£124.9917%Buy now
UK flagStar Wars75257 Millennium Falcon£149.99£109.9927%Buy now
UK flagTechnic42141 McLaren Formula 1 Race Car£169.99£109.9935%Buy now
UK flagStar Wars75315 Imperial Light Cruiser£139.99£119.9914%Buy now
UK flagStar Wars75323 The Justifier£149.99£109.9927%Buy now
UK flagMarvel76193 The Guardians’ Ship£139.99£99.9929%Buy now
UK flagStar Wars75337 AT-TE Walker£119.99£89.9925%Buy now
UK flagDisney75574 Toruk Makto & Tree of Souls£129.99£99.9923%Buy now
UK flagArchitecture21058 Great Pyramid of Giza£119.99£94.9921%Buy now
UK flagCity60339 Double Loop Stunt Arena£129.99£89.9931%Buy now
UK flagSuper Mario71408 Peach’s Castle Expansion Set£114.99£84.9926%Buy now
UK flagNINJAGO71756 Hydro Bounty£129.99£79.9938%Buy now
UK flagTechnic42144 Material Handler£104.99£71.9931%Buy now
UK flagMarvel76156 Rise of the Domo£89.99£61.9931%Buy now
UK flagCity60295 Stunt Show Arena£89.99£49.9944%Buy now
UK flagFriends41682 Heartlake City School£59.99£39.9933%Buy now
UK flagDisney43187 Rapunzel’s Tower£59.99£39.9933%Buy now
UK flagFriends41395 Friendship Bus£59.99£39.9933%Buy now
UK flagSuper Mario71390 Reznor Knockdown Expansion Set£59.99£38.3936%Buy now
UK flagCity60294 Stunt Show Truck£54.99£31.9942%Buy now
UK flagFriends41688 Magical Caravan£44.99£31.9929%Buy now
UK flagDisney10776 Mickey & Friends Fire Truck & Station£44.99£31.9929%Buy now
US flagStar Wars75192 Millennium Falcon$849.99$669.9921%Buy now with code BFFALCON
US flagHarry Potter71043 Hogwarts Castle$469.99$359.9923%Buy now with code BFCASTLE
US flagTechnic42131 App-Controlled Cat D11 Bulldozer$449.99$359.9920%Buy now with code BFBULLDOZER
US flagTechnic42143 Ferrari Daytona SP3$449.99$349.9922%Buy now with code BFFERRARI
US flagTechnic42115 Lamborghini Sián FKP 37$449.99$329.9927%Buy now with code BFLAMBO
US flagStar Wars75309 Republic Gunship$399.99$329.9918%Buy now with code BFGUNSHIP
US flagTechnic42083 Bugatti Chiron$349.99$299.9914%Buy now with code BFBUGATTI
US flagIdeas21330 Home Alone$299.99$269.9910%Buy now with code BFHOMEALONE
US flagStar Wars75308 R2-D2$239.99$199.9917%Buy now with code BFR2D2
US flagIcons10274 Ghostbusters ECTO-1$239.99$199.9917%Buy now with code BFECTO1
US flagTechnic42130 BMW M 1000 RR$249.99$199.9920%Buy now with code BFBMW
US flagIcons10300 Back to the Future Time Machine$199.99$169.9915%Buy now with code BFTIMEMACHINE
US flagTechnic42145 Airbus H175 Rescue Helicopter$209.99$179.9914%Buy now with code BFAIRBUS
US flagTechnic42141 McLaren Formula 1 Race Car$199.99$159.9920%Buy now with code BFMCLAREN
US flagIcons10302 Optimus Prime$179.99$159.9911%Buy now with code BFPRIME
US flagIcons10292 The Friends Apartments $179.99$159.9911%Buy now with code BFFRIENDS
US flagIcons10295 Porsche 911$169.99$149.9912%Buy now with code BFPORSCHE
US flagStar Wars75337 AT-TE Walker$139.99$124.9911%Buy now with code BFATTE
US flagNINJAGO71756 Hydro Bounty$139.99$109.9921%Buy now with code BFBOUNTY

In the meantime, here’s a full rundown of everything we’re expecting to see from the LEGO Group and national and independent retailers.

LEGO Cyber Monday deals

This year’s Cyber Monday deals mostly run on from Black Friday, with 40564 Winter Elves Scene and 40579 Eiffel’s Apartment still available with qualifying purchases. 40563 Tribute to LEGO House is no longer available, however, and has been swapped with 5007488 Drawstring Brick Bag. Here’s a complete round-up of all the deals for Cyber Monday, including how much you’ll need to spend (or what you’ll need to buy) to acquire them.

LEGO Cyber Monday gift-with-purchase Qualifying spend Offer period Availability 
30580 Santa Claus £40 / $40 / €40 Nov 25 to 28 LEGO Stores only 
40564 Winter Elves Scene £170 / $170 / €170 Nov 25 to 28 and LEGO Stores 
40579 Eiffel’s Apartment 10307 Eiffel Tower Nov 25 to 28 and LEGO Stores 
5007488 Drawstring Brick Bag £200 / $200 / €200 Nov 28 only 

Zavvi Cyber Monday deals

Zavvi logo featured

Zavvi sells a wide range of LEGO sets, with discounts frequently applied. A wide range of discounts could be had within the retailer’s Cyber Monday LEGO deals, with sites for the UK, USA and Australia all offering price reductions. As such, we expect a similar range of discounts this year.


shopDisney Cyber Monday deals

Disney logo featured 800 445 1

shopDisney is rarely our first port of call for LEGO sets, as the product selection has historically been small and discounts are rare. That said, a handful of LEGO sets were discounted last year, so some LEGO Cyber Monday deals may appear — particularly when we consider the range of sets available onsite has dramatically increased. 


Nintendo Cyber Monday deals

LEGO Super Mario 71374 Nintendo Entertainment System Super Mario interactive

Nintendo is another unlikely candidate for LEGO shopping, although 2021 did see it discount 71374 Nintendo Entertainment System. Since the LEGO Super Mario range is impressively diverse at the moment, there’s a chance of further LEGO Cyber Monday discounts through My Nintendo Store in 2022. 


Blocks magazine Cyber Monday deals

Blocks magazine Issue 84 LEGO Minifigures 71031 Marvel Studios

Unofficial LEGO publication Blocks magazine offered a free T-shirt and minifigure with a two-year subscription in 2021. You could also receive a random back issue and entry into a prize draw for a £1,000 gift card. There’s been no word on the publication’s 2022 Cyber Monday offers, but we expect something to be offered this time around.


iDisplayit Cyber Monday deals


iDisplayit – who produce bespoke display cases for LEGO sets – offered a discount on certain display cases, as well as a free minifigure display case with pricier orders. As such, a similar promotion may be on the cards this year.


Light My Bricks Cyber Monday deals


Light My Bricks creates bespoke lighting kits for different LEGO sets, with Cyber Monday seeing a sitewide discount on its products. We’re hoping for something similar this time around. 


FireStar Toys Cyber Monday deals

FireStar Toys LEGO Star Wars custom minifigures

As a purveyor of bespoke LEGO minifigures and accessories, the products at Firestar Toys tend to be on the pricey side. That’s why any discount on their products is welcome – and one such discount was offered in 2021. We’re hoping for a similar discount this time around.


Other LEGO Cyber Monday deals

Since Cyber Monday is a very popular event, several other retailers offered Cyber Monday LEGO deals at this time last year. IWOOT offered plenty of different discounts across multiple LEGO themes, as did Smyths Toys and John Lewis – each a solid shopping destination for LEGO sets. Interestingly, Ocado – best known for its range of foodstuffs – also had several LEGO discounts, as did ASDA and Sainsbury’s.

Therefore, as with Black Friday, it’s worth casting a wide net when looking for Cyber Monday LEGO deals. There’s always a chance of scoring a discount where you didn’t expect to find one. 


What is Cyber Monday?

Quite simply, Cyber Monday is one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. It comes on the Monday after American Thanksgiving, focusing on e-commerce rather than Black Friday’s traditional focus on in-store purchases.

This is essentially the main difference when you think of Black Friday vs Cyber Monday, although the two events have merged together over time to form one long weekend of incredible shopping deals and discounts. In fact, Black FridayCyber Monday deals often last for longer than the weekend, with some offers and discounts available through the whole of November. 

When is Cyber Monday 2022?

With Thanksgiving in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November, Cyber Monday also comes the week after this. As such, the Cyber Monday date in 2022 falls on Monday, November 28. That’s not too far away at all, so it’s time to start looking ahead to the kind of 2022 Cyber Monday LEGO deals we can hope to expect. 

Cyber Monday LEGO sale is usually packed with great discounts during the Cyber Monday sales, with lots of different collections and sets often available for lower prices or with attractive incentives. If you’re looking to add to your LEGO collection, the Cyber Monday LEGO sale is the perfect opportunity to pick up some great bargains. 

Typically, Cyber Monday deals are carried over from Black Friday, although large retailers like Amazon may introduce discounts before this period. That said, some promotions do remain exclusive to this day. For example, the LEGO Group’s fleece blanket was available exclusively on Cyber Monday last year.

The best incentives at itself often relate to promotional items rather than product discounts, although these can often be found at during this period. That said, they’re often applied to LEGO sets the LEGO Group is looking to get rid of. As such, you may want to focus your efforts on third-party sites if you don’t care about promotional items. 

LEGO gifts-with-purchase

Gifts-with-purchase are a key incentive to shop at, and we can always look forward to some in the Black Friday/Cyber Monday period. However, the heightened shopping activity and desirability of these means they may not stick around. Therefore, unless something is exclusive to Cyber Monday, we recommend picking it up as soon as you can. 

No Black Friday/Cyber Monday gifts have been confirmed yet for 2022, but we’ll be sure to update this page when they arrive. 

LEGO VIP sweepstakes 

If you’re feeling lucky, you may want to try your luck at a LEGO VIP sweepstake. These offer rare or valuable rewards for LEGO fans, and require you to spend VIP points to enter. You can enter a few times (up to a preset limit) to increase your chances. Given their appearance at in the past, we suspect more will appear in the months ahead.

Discounted LEGO VIP rewards vouchers

2021 saw the LEGO group offer a discount on VIP rewards vouchers. These allow you spend VIP points for a discount on orders, with 800 points required for a £5 / $5 / €5 reduction. However, for Cyber Monday, this was reduced to 560 points. It’s possible we’ll see a similar discount in 2022.

LEGO double VIP points

Double VIP points LEGO promotion Brick Fanatics featured resized

Double VIP points promotions often run over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday period, meaning you earn more VIP points than usual on the orders you place. Even if you’re not aiming for a particular promotional item, this deal can make shopping for LEGO at this time an attractive prospect.

LEGO price increases in 2022

A number of LEGO sets have seen their prices rise this year, making any discounts on these products welcome. You can check out our complete guide to LEGO price increases for more information.

Zavvi Cyber Monday deals

Zavvi logo featured

Zavvi frequently offers significant discounts on LEGO sets, making them a solid choice for Cyber Monday shopping. Unlike, Zavvi tends to prioritise the more desirable LEGO sets in its product offerings – so if you’re after something more expensive, Zavvi is often worth checking out at this time. 

LEGO Star Wars Cyber Monday deals

LEGO Star Wars 75336 Inquisitor Transport Scythe 4

2021 was a good time to be a Star Wars fan, with major sets like 75309 Republic Gunship and 75313 AT-AT making an appearance. 2022 has also borne fruit thanks to sets like 75329 Death Star Trench Run Diorama, 75337 AT-TE Walker and 75326 Boba Fett’s Throne Room

These have contributed to an already diverse product range, with several dozen different LEGO sets available here. As such, we’re hoping for Cyber Monday LEGO deals on a few Star Wars products at this time – particularly as some are scheduled to retire by the year’s end.

Turning to recent releases, 75336 Inquisitor Transport Scythe and 75337 AT-TE Walker are two recent sets of particular interest – particularly when the latter has proved difficult to acquire. However, other sets like 75288 AT-AT (which are longer in the tooth) would also be warmly received with a discount in tow. 

Blocks magazine Cyber Monday deals

Unofficial LEGO publication Blocks magazine bundled a free T-shirt and a minifigure with a two-year subscription last year. You could also receive a random back issue and entry into a prize draw for a £1,000 gift card. It’s possible a similar incentive will appear this year.

FireStar Toys Cyber Monday deals

FireStar Toys LEGO Squid Game custom minifigure triangle

While FireStar Toys does sell official LEGO elements, its biggest draw is custom-printed minifigures that draw inspiration from popular culture. These custom jobs tend to be expensive, which is why we’re hoping for a repeat of last year’s 2021 sitewide discounts. 

Light My Bricks Cyber Monday deals


If you’re looking to spice up your LEGO sets, Light My Bricks offer bespoke lighting kits for a variety of different models. Last year’s Cyber Monday saw the company offer a sitewide discount on its products, so – with luck – we’ll see another discount this year as well. 

iDisplayit Cyber Monday deals

LEGO display cases iDisplayit featured

Looking to add a touch of class to your LEGO models? iDisplayit produces a range of custom display cases for LEGO sets, allowing you to show them off while keeping the dust at bay. Last year saw iDisplayit offer a discount on display cases for LEGO Star Wars, as well as a minifigure display case with orders over a certain threshold.

LEGO Harry Potter Cyber Monday deals

LEGO Harry Potter 75980 Attack on the Burrow

2022 has seen over a dozen LEGO sets appear in the Harry Potter line, with new locations like Grimmauld Place and the Ministry of Magic debuting in LEGO form. While we suspect a lot of LEGO fans will be seeking LEGO Cyber Monday deals on these products, sets from previous years seem like likelier candidates. 

75955 Hogwarts Express may prove a particular focus for retailers, as it’s scheduled to retire in 2022. 75980 Attack on the Burrow is also scheduled for retirement, and typically commands a high price point in the theme. Hogwarts Moments sets such as 76396 Hogwarts Moment: Divination Class are also retiring, although their relatively low price point may prevent further discounts.

LEGO Millennium Falcon Cyber Monday deals

LEGO Star Wars 75257 Millennium Falcon 1

The Millennium Falcon is a perennial part of today’s LEGO lineup, with three different versions available at the moment. 75295 Millennium Falcon Microfighter is a tiny set, with a price in the single digits. As such, it might not receive any Cyber Monday LEGO deals of note. 

75257 Millennium Falcon seems like a much likelier candidate. It’s a long-lived set with a fairly reasonable price point, which could stand to have some money off during Cyber Monday. 

75192 Millennium Falcon (part of the Ultimate Collector Series) may prove more of a long shot. However, it is available at a few different retailers – which certainly makes a discount possible.

LEGO Mandalorian Cyber Monday deals

75315 scaled

Mandalorian fever has dropped off a little – at least until the show’s third season debuts. That said, several sets inspired by the show are currently available. 75292 The Razor Crest and 75315 Imperial Light Cruiser are potential candidates for reductions: both have been around for some time, and the latter has received discounts during prior Black Friday periods.

75318 The Child is another LEGO Star Wars set that’s been around for some time. As such, we wouldn’t be surprised if this received a discount too.

LEGO Marvel / LEGO Avengers Cyber Monday deals

LEGO Marvel 76208 The Goat Boat contents

The LEGO Marvel theme has seen a number of new LEGO sets join its ranks. Sets in the Eternals range seem like prime candidates for LEGO Cyber Monday deals, as they’re retiring this year. They’re currently available at several retailers, so discounts seem highly likely. However, they’ve already received significant discounts in some places – as such, you may not wish to wait much longer.

Recent releases like 76208 The Goat Boat may also benefit from Cyber Monday discounts. This would make sense, consider the film which inspired it will arrive on Disney+ before Cyber Monday itself.

LEGO NINJAGO Cyber Monday deals

71748 1 04438

NINJAGO is another prolific LEGO theme, with a few dozen sets currently available within it. As ever, retiring sets (like 71748 Catamaran Sea Battle) should take up much of your focus at this time.

Of course, we’re always eager for discounts on newer, more expensive models. 71775 Nya’s Samurai X MECH could be identified as a discount target, thanks to its high price and suitability as a Christmas present. 71741 NINJAGO City Gardens will, naturally, be the most sought after set for LEGO Cyber Monday price reductions. However, its, limited availability outside of could make this difficult. 

LEGO Batman Cyber Monday deals

LEGO Batman 76183 Batcave The Riddler Face off contents 1

Today, LEGO Batman sets are quite thin on the ground. That said, there are some clear candidates for LEGO Cyber Monday deals. 76183 Batcave: The Riddler Face-off could see some kind of last-minute discount before its retirement, as could something like 76161 1989 Batwing. The two DC sets in the Brick Sketches line (40386 Batman and 40428 The Joker) may also see more aggressive discounts as Cyber Monday arrives.

LEGO Super Mario Cyber Monday deals

LEGO Super Mario 71374 Nintendo Entertainment System featured

LEGO Super Mario is a highly prolific theme (with plenty of retailers selling products from it) so discounts here are highly likely. Starter packs like 71403 Adventures with Peach would be very popular, alongside new expansions like 71408 Peach’s Castle. However, we anticipate Cyber Monday LEGO deals on several older releases.

71374 Nintendo Entertainment System and 71395 Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block are two of the more expensive sets in the range. With the recent price increases on, they’ve also become more expensive still. As such, we’re hoping they’ll pop up at other retailers (with discounts) during the Black Friday period.

LEGO Jurassic World Cyber Monday deals

LEGO Jurassic World 76949 Giganotosaurus Therizinosaurus Attack 3

LEGO Jurassic World has proven surprisingly resilient, with a steady flow of new sets over the last few years. We’re hoping for LEGO Cyber Monday deals on sets like 76949 Giganotosaurus & Therizinosaurus Attack, thanks to its high price and desirability. 76959 T. rex Breakout may also prove a candidate, thanks to its rare depiction of events from the original Jurassic Park movie. 

LEGO Technic Cyber Monday deals

LEGO Technic 42128 Heavy-duty Tow Truck

2022 has seen over a dozen new sets join the LEGO Technic line, with high prices continuing to make an appearance. We’re hoping that 42142 Ferrari Daytona SP3 sees a LEGO Cyber Monday discount, as it’s one of the most expensive LEGO sets anywhere at the moment. Its appearance at other retailers makes that a distinct possibility. 

Of course, there are plenty of older LEGO Technic sets to consider as well. 42128 Heavy-Duty Tow Truck and 42131 Cat D11 Bulldozer have been around for some time now, and – as older releases – would certainly benefit from a discount. 

LEGO Friends Cyber Monday deals

lego friends andreas theaterschool 41714 3 1

The LEGO Friends theme usually enjoys several new releases each year, and 2022 has been no exception. A few dozen new sets have debuted on store shelves, so we’re counting on at least a few price reductions during Cyber Monday.

As a flagship set, 41704 Main Street Building would benefit from a price reduction at this time – particularly as it’s one of the more expensive LEGO Friends sets. 41714 Andrea’s Theatre School would also benefit – particularly as it seems to have attracted wide attention amongst LEGO fans.

LEGO CITY Cyber Monday deals

60302 Wildlife Rescue Operation CITY

LEGO CITY is another prolific LEGO theme, with a diverse selection of models arriving at the start of each year. When it comes to LEGO Cyber Monday discount-hunting, the latest round of Space sets could be a point of focus. 60350 Lunar Research Base and 60351 Rocket Launch Centre are amongst the more expensive sets in the theme, and would make great Christmas presents.

Don’t forget about older releases in the theme, though. The Wildlife Rescue product collection (which includes sets like 60302 Wildlife Rescue Operation) is due to retire this year, which means it may be subject to additional discounts.

LEGO Minecraft Cyber Monday deals

21160 alt11

The LEGO Minecraft theme is almost a decade old, with a steady stream of new sets each year. 2022 has brought us ambitious models such as 21188 The Llama Village and 21187 The Red Barn, as well as smaller models like 21181 The Rabbit Ranch.  

You may be best served by focussing on older Minecraft releases over Cyber Monday. 21160 The Illager Raid is due to retire this year, and has enjoyed discounts on several previous occasions. 21174 The Modern Treehouse may also receive a reduction, both because of its imminent retirement and high price point. 

Does LEGO do Cyber Monday deals?

Yes, the LEGO Group offers Cyber Monday deals as part of its wider Black Friday shopping event. In previous years, those have included the continuation of Black Friday discounts through Cyber Monday; exclusive one-day deals for Cyber Monday only; and even cheaper VIP vouchers in 2020. Any and all of those offers, discounts and gifts-with-purchase could therefore return for 2022.

When is Cyber Monday 2022?

This year, Cyber Monday falls on November 28. And as always, that’s three days after Black Friday – which means the LEGO Group’s shopping event will likely run from November 25 through to November 28 inclusive.

What LEGO goes on sale on Cyber Monday?

It’s tricky to predict exactly which LEGO sets will go on sale for Cyber Monday 2022, but in previous years discounted sets have run the gamut from Star Wars and LEGO Art to CITY. Retiring sets are often a safe bet for some kind of discount, so take a look through our latest list of LEGO products leaving shelves in 2022 for an idea of what might be on offer this year.

Will Cyber Monday have better LEGO deals than Black Friday?

While LEGO Cyber Monday deals through are usually just a continuation of Black Friday deals, the LEGO Group does occasionally offer exclusive deals on Cyber Monday that might prove worth waiting for this year. In 2019, the LEGO Group debuted one-day Cyber Monday deals on sets including 10257 Carousel and 21315 Pop-Up Book, and in 2020, it offered VIP discount vouchers for half the usual cost in VIP points. 2021 added an exclusive fleece blanket to more expensive Cyber Monday orders, so the possibility of similar deals this time around is certainly there.

Cyber Monday is a really exciting time in the LEGO world, so make sure you check back for the latest news on what’s happening over the coming weeks. From early-bird offers to last-minute discounts, there’ll be lots of exciting LEGO Cyber Monday deals to get your teeth into while boosting either your own collection or that of a loved one. 

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